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Hey there, superstar! Are you getting ready to celebrate your quinceañera or sweet 16 in style? Well, if you want to make sure that your party is viral worthy, then you absolutely have to have a photo experience! A photo booth is not only a fun way to capture all the special moments of your event, but it also creates an atmosphere of excitement and joy that your guests will love.

So, why settle for boring old party photos when you can have a photo booth that will make your party unforgettable?

Let me tell you all the reasons why you should have a photo booth at your sweet 16 or quinceañera celebration!

1. You've Photo Got Options!

sweet 16 or quince photo booth layout

If you've been to any quinces, weddings, or school dances lately, you've probably experienced in a photo booth.

They're super popular right now, and for good reason. Photo booths are more than just a picture dispenser. They're a chance for all of your guests to take a break from eating, dancing, or small talk, and show their silly side!

Remember when you were a kid and everyone had a cute activity to keep the party going? Photo booths have come along way and you can now choose from the traditional photo booth, to a GLAM style to look like your favorite celebrity, add on a VOGUE runway, or show off your best angles in a 360 booth.


2. Photo Booths Work With Any Theme

quince and sweet 16

Having a Paris or princess-themed quince? Your photo booth doesn't have to stand out like a sore thumb.

Our booths—from the props and backdrops to the pictures and even the booth itself—can be customized to represent your unique theme.

Throwing a glamorous fiesta? One of our glitter backdrops will add a touch of sparkle to everyone's photos. Hollywood-themed night? We've got the velvet ropes and fabulous props to make each of your guests (and you!) feel like a star.

We can even wrap the outside of the photo booth in whatever image you like, so the photo booth will blend into the décor.

If you haven't seen it already, you need to check out our mirror photo booth! It's the least "photo booth looking" booth out there!


3. Our Photo Experiences Are Creative + Stress Free

With DIY photo booths (and even some companies), you're on the hook for any other issues that come up during the party.

Our photo experiences always come with an attendant (unless you op for a selfie station). They help with technical issues, tidy up the prop table, and make sure the line stays orderly. Plus, we take care of set-up, breakdown, and testing the machine before the party starts.

This feature alone makes the price of a photo booth completely worth it.

Besides, this isn't just another get-together: this is a quinceañera! If you're ever going to go all-out with the most professional, most impressive, best quality photo booth possible, this is the time to do it. DIY photo booths have their place but when it comes to quinces, there's nothing like the real thing - so that you can focus on what really matters!


4. Photo booths & Activations Create Awesome Party Favors

Photo booth strips are literally the best favors. - a GIF, BOOMERANG, and a video can be an amazing party favor or memorabilia as well!

They last forever, they're impossible to throw away, everyone loves them, and your guests can take as many as they want. How many other favors can say that?

And they're not only favors for your guests; they're favors for you, too!

We print out two copies of every picture taken: one for the person taking it and one for you to keep. Your guests can slip a copy of their selfie into a guestbook along with their best wishes for your future and BOOM! You have a keepsake to remember this day forever.

And if you'd rather have video, we can do that, too! Our photo video booth can also record video messages from your guests, so you can relive the evening over and over again.


5. Photo booths Are Fun For All Ages!

confetti throwing fun in a photo booth at an event in orlando

No matter what event we go to, one thing is always true: everyone loves a photo booth!

You won't have to show your youngest primos or your abuela how to use it, so they'll have a blast picking out props and striking poses as much as they like.

Be silly with your friends or sweet with la familia; there are no limitations with a photo booth.

quinceañera let's party

Let's Create The Memories at Your Quinceañera (or Sweet 16)

Your quinceañera should be just as sweet and spicey or elegant and trendy as you are; our photo booth experiences can make that happen! They're not just a fun activity to impress your guests, they're an easy and creative way to make sure everyone remembers your event for years to come (plus, a cool keepsake).

Don't just hire any photo booth rental company for your son or daughter's quince, pick a company with experience in formal events. Our professional team will make sure everything about your photo booth goes smoothly, from set-up to breakdown.

Contact us today for more information about availability, booth types, and how to theme and customize your rental for the ultimate party!

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