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Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation is a significant milestone in a person’s life. It marks the end of an era of hard work and dedication and begins an entirely new chapter. Whether it’s high school, college, or any other form of graduation, it deserves a celebration that reflects that hard work and achievements. Planning a graduation party can be […]

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14 Prom Theme Ideas

Prom is an event that most high school students look forward to since the day they began their high school journey.There are so many memories to make and prom is often regarded as the most magical night of a teen’s life. So we know it’s exciting and we know it’s fun! But how do you […]


5 Tips For Renting a Wedding Photo Booth

Elevate Your Wedding with Timeless Photo Booth Memories Your wedding is more than just a day, it’s moments in time that tell the story of your love. You’ll want to remember the laughter, tears, and dances for years to come. So how do you capture these precious moments? A wedding photo booth is the answer. […]


Photo Booths Are Here to Stay!

You would think that with social media apps like SnapChat, Tik Tok, and Instagram with their digital props and filters, the nostalgic-style photo booths wouldn’t even exist anymore. After all, why pay for a picture when you can filter, fade, and add emojis to your pics at no charge? And yet: the photo booth experiences […]


Free Photo Booth Printables For Your Wedding!

KEEP READING ONLY IF YOU LIKE FUN VIBES You don't want your wedding to be like anyone else's...that's why you rented a photo booth! But are you ready for the ultimate cool frosting on top of the awesome photo booth cupcake? Today is your lucky day! We have free photo booth printables for your wedding, […]

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Photo Booth Ideas For Formals

Everybody—young, old, and everyone in-between—loves the charm and appeal of a photo booth. After all, they are classic and here to stay! And while they might be the next best wedding trend, you don't have to put a ring on anything to rent one! In fact, we think that photo booths can enhance, or even […]


Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

Congratulations, you got engaged! ...Now what? For some people, planning a wedding is a stress-filled, year-long dash to accomplish a million things. But we believe that wedding planning can (and should) be fun! So, to make it as simple as possible, we've put together the ultimate wedding planning checklist so you can get everything done […]

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Mirror Photo Booth vs. Video Photo Booth

There are lots of ways to add excitement and fun to your event, but in our opinion, there’s nothing that fits the bill quite like a photo booth! Photo booths aren’t just a way to keep your guests entertained, they help capture those amazing memories. Give your wedding guests a favor they’re sure to treasure […]

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Rock Your Next Party With the Video Photo Booth

“A picture is worth a thousand words…” Well, if that’s true, then a video is worth at least a million! If you’re looking for a way to spice up your next special event with a photo booth rental, try a photo video booth instead! You’ve heard about the 360 Photo Booth and the Vogue Photo […]

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Fascinating Photo Booth History and How Photobooth Rocks Has Evolved

Have you ever stopped to consider the many ways a photo booth can capture a moment? From the classic black-and-white strips of the 1920s to the modern, sleek, digital booths of today, the photo booth has evolved greatly over the last 100 years. At Photobooth Rocks, we've been capturing memories since 2011, and we've witnessed […]