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Everybody—young, old, and everyone in-between—loves the charm and appeal of a photo booth. After all, they are classic and here to stay! And while they might be the next best wedding trend, you don't have to put a ring on anything to rent one! In fact, we think that photo booths can enhance, or even replace, typical special event photography.

Formal event photographers have to be mobile so they can capture heartwarming candids and joyful action shots. This is ideal for a wedding, when you want every second to be captured. But for a prom, homecoming, or other formal event, you might not want to shell out the big bucks for one professional to roam the floor all night.

Best of Both Worlds

Enter: the photo booth or video photo booth. It's an event activity (believe it or not, some people don't like dancing!), a souvenir, and a way to photograph or video your guests...all in one convenient box. (We'll even deliver it for you and set it up whenever you want!)

Unlike a photographer, a photo booth never has to convince anybody to pose or look at the camera. In fact, we usually have a line of people waiting to get in. Trust us...EVERYONE loves a photo booth!

So let's take a closer look at how a photo booth from Photobooth Rocks can make your next event ROCK.

teens wearing fun props in photo booth

Photo Booth Ideas For Formals


It's never too early to begin planning for prom. Whether you're on the prom committee or throwing the world's biggest after prom party, a photo booth is a great addition to your night.

The prom is the highlight of most students' school years, so you want to celebrate BIG. One of our favorite prom planning ideas is to have a photo booth with props that represent that school year, like popular slang, pop culture references, and prom-related hashtags. (Or choose one of these awesome school dance themes.)

Hiring a photographer to capture candid moments at prom is great, but professional prom photography can either look too stiff, too formal, or too cheesy. Plus, if there's only one or two people walking around, moments are sure to be missed.

So forego the typical "prom pictures" for something a little more representative of your high school journey. We guarantee that the teachers, administrators, and chaperones will love it as much as the students!

teens laughing in photo booth


With a slightly more casual dress code and an emphasis on football, homecoming pictures can be a lot of fun!

And there's no better way to capture those homecoming memories than with a photo booth! Your student body will love having a full-blown selfie station so they can pose with their friends.

And since it's homecoming, you have the additional option of football-themed props that are sure to be popular. Choose props and costume pieces that reflect your school colors or mascot so the students can show a little team spirit.

If the homecoming committee wants to be really fancy, you could enhance your formal with a booth like our Glam Photo Booth. It includes a filter with air brushing qualities so everyone looks their best.

young man and woman smiling at each other in photo booth

Sorority Formals

College or Sorority formals combine the fun of a high school dance with the freedom of being an adult. Step aside, dress codes and's about to get real!

Dancing with your sorority sisters and hanging out with your frat brothers is even more fun when a photo booth is involved. If your Greek formal has a theme, we have props to match. If you want to wrap the entire photo booth with your Greek letters or your school's logo, we can do that, too! In fact, we can put whatever logo you want on each photo strip that prints out and hashtags too!

Chances are, your chapter has had enough toga parties and luaus to last a lifetime. Renting a photo booth is a great way to shake things up in a way that everyone will love.

Winter Formals

Step aside Santa, there's a new big man in town! If you're looking to put the 'cool' in your winter formal, photo booth rocks has the booth for you. Our favorite for a winter formal is our Green Screen booth. We have the ability to really light up your event with backdrops such as string lights or even glittering bokeh lights.

Would you rather a picturesque winter wonderland in the background? We can do that too. The world is your oyster when it comes to green screens!

Formal Gala

Whether it's a fundraising gala or an award ceremony, it wouldn't be complete without one of our entertaining photo booths. For Black Tie events, our Glam Photo booth may suffice but if everyone is looking to let it loose, our Photo Video Booth may be the ticket.

Each guest receives their photos or videos, but you also get the souvenirs to post on social media or your webpage. It's a win/win. If your guests have a good time, they will be raving about your event.

We Can Enhance Your Formal Event

Whether your formal event is held at a school auditorium or a fancy downtown venue, Photobooth Rocks would love to help you with the kind of event photography that everyone will love. We've been going to all sorts of events—from weddings to bar mitzvahs—throughout Central Florida for years. Nobody knows this town like we do!

Plus, when you book a photo booth for your next formal event, you're not just booking a fun activity for the night, you're also getting the perfect favor for guests to take home and remember the event. And with a photo booth, you'll never have to convince anybody to look at the camera and say "cheese." They'll be lining up for their chance to snap a shot.

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