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You don't have to know who's playing or even be a football fan to get excited about the Super Bowl. (Anyone can get pumped about pizza and wings!)

More than 100 million people are expected to tune in on February 3 and many of those people will be watching at a Super Bowl party. But rather than host the same viewing party with the same spread, why not go BIG this year?

Here are some Super Bowl party ideas that'll have your guests cheering...for YOU!



Super Bowl parties are different from most other parties because they're centered around watching TV.

Not only does there need to be enough seating for everyone at once, it all needs to be in the same room and have an unobstructed view of your television.

football fans cheering at tv from couch

Make sure everyone is happy by providing plenty of chairs (pull some in from other rooms or borrow some folding chairs from a friend) throughout the viewing area. And because people will have snacks and drinks, make sure there are enough flat surfaces so no one has to hold their plate on their lap all night.

As you set up the seating, sit down in each chair to make sure your guests will be able to see the TV.

Don't have enough room? Set up a projector system in the backyard to create a true "big screen!"



Football may come first at a Super Bowl party, but food is a close second.

This is not the time for fancy sit-down dinners and place cards. Set up a simple buffet line with a menu people can grab quickly in between plays. Because you'll be eating on the couch, finger foods are usually best. Sure, pizza, wings, and dip are familiar favorites, but that doesn't mean you can't shake things up a bit!

Photo courtesy of Taste of Home

Empanadas, cookies, and cheese balls can easily be formed into football shapes (and hoagie rolls already are!); just add the stitches. With a little green and white icing, a simple sheet cake from a box mix can be transformed into a football field.

Sure, you can always buy a few cases of beer, but a keg makes cleanup super easy (plus, it'll impress your guests). Always have non-alcoholic options available for underage guests, designated drivers, and people who just don't like beer.



The right decorations can take your Super Bowl party from "okay" to "oh yeah!"

Luckily, with the Super Bowl, your theme is already decided. Buy paper plates in your favorite team's colors and set some yellow penalty flags napkins on the side. Brown paper cups can transform into footballs with the addition of some white electrical tape "stitches."

Set up the buffet table with an Astroturf table runner to really set the theme. Add some white masking tape and felt numbers, and you can recreate the field.

For the rest of the decorations, a site like Etsy can be your best friend. There are hundreds of digital printables so you can add festive banners, food tent signs, water bottle wraps, and other signage to your home. For the cost of a little lightweight cardstock and some printer ink, you'll impress all your guests.



Sure, watching the big game is the point of the evening, but who says you can't do anything else? (Plus, if your favorite team didn't make it this year, a few games and activities can put some fun back into the event.)

Print up some prop bets and bingo cards to put a competitive spin on the night. And while sports gambling is illegal in Florida, you can still offer a prize at the end of the night. A gift card will be enough incentive to keep the games interesting.

For those guests who couldn't care any less about the game, commercials, or half time show (hey, they exist!) set up some games in another room or in the yard. Cornhole, paper football, or even board games can help non-fans pass the time.

girls with mustache and crown props

Looking for a way to make the night truly unforgettable? A photo booth is a fun activity (perfect for pre-game!) and a memento all in one! Our Mobibooth is a smaller, easy-to-use photo booth option, so it's perfect for house parties.



Whether your team made it to the playoffs or not, this year's party can still be a blast!

These Super Bowl Party ideas will raise the bar on house parties; perfect seating, an awesome food table, themed decor, and fun things to do (besides watch the game, of course) create a festive atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.

And if you're planning a fundraiser or a more formal event that requires a bigger, more impressive photo booth, we've got you covered. Our photo booths all come with props for your event, an attendant to troubleshoot and keep the line in order, backgrounds (if applicable), and your guests get UNLIMITED visits to the booth for as many pictures as they want!

Turn your get-together into a party with a photo booth!

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