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At some point, every non-profit needs to host a fundraiser to reach a certain goal.

But there’s a lot to consider when planning a fundraising event: budget, sponsors, donations, venue, guest list, and (most importantly) the type of fundraiser you’re hosting.

At Photobooth Rocks, we’ve been to LOTS of parties, so we know what helps people have a good time. Here are 10 fundraising event ideas that are sure to have your guests talking long after the event is over.


10 Fundraising Event Ideas

Your events don’t have to be extreme to be memorable or even to reach your donation goal.

The idea is to offer something that people would willingly give money to (and remember, people are more willing to part with their money if they know it’s going to a good cause) and gather donations to create an awesome experience.

With each of these fundraising event ideas, focus on showing sponsors and donors a great time rather than a “gimmick.”

1. Silent Auction

One of the easiest ideas and a fundraising staple.

Have local businesses (or individuals) donate an item(s) or experience to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Start with a minimum bid (as well as the estimated retail value) and a clipboard for attendees to write down their bids.

roll of raffle tickets

2. 50/50 Raffles

Everyone loves a good raffle, and this is one that requires no upfront investment or donations.

Sell raffle tickets throughout your event and provide a running total. The winner gets 50% of the donated funds, with the remainder going to your fundraiser. As the total climbs, so do ticket sales.

3. Carnival

Carnivals are great fun for the whole family, and they can be as simple or as extravagant as you like.

Rent (or build!) carnival games and find volunteers to run the booths. Charge guests for the tokens needed to play. They then redeem their winnings for donated prizes.

4. Tournament

People love to compete! Host a tournament where people pay to compete for a top prize.

Golf, pool, bowling, poker, or even board games are sure to draw a crowd.

cards and poker chips on blackjack table

5. Casino Night

Vegas is too far, so set up a casino right where you are.

Casino rental companies are experts at this kind of thing; they host fundraisers all the time. Charge people an entrance free with a certain amount of “fun money” for them to play with. If they lose everything, they have to pay up for additional dollars.

6. 5k Race

5k races are popular, so why not capitalize on a favorite?

But these days, themed races are all the rage. From The Color Run to The 5k Zombie Run, 5k’s are becoming more “fun” than “fitness.” Maybe you can come up with your own theme that reflects your cause?

7. Trivia Night

Trivia is where “useless knowledge” can really pay off.

Write questions related to your cause, a holiday, your event venue, or even general knowledge. Offer a cool prize (again, donated) and people will definitely show up. (If you think the game itself isn’t enough of a draw, have admission include a meal of pizza or burgers donated by a local business.)

two men cooking pancakes at fundraiser

8. Cook-Off

If there’s anything people love more than competing, it’s food!

Admission price includes an all-you-can-eat spread of a certain type of food (chili, pancakes, BBQ, etc.) with contests for the best fare.

9. Gala

Formal galas are a great excuse to get all dressed up (and feel good doing it).

Offer a nice dinner at a beautiful venue with an MC organizing a presentation about your charity and what you do. Admission price is either by the chair or by the table and you can offer different raffles or a silent auction throughout the event.

Hire a DJ (and a photo booth!) for a fun after-party!

flatlay of scissors, ribbon, and bows

10. Gift wrapping

Hosting an end-of-the-year fundraiser? Offer something everyone needs: gift wrapping!

Ask for wrapping paper and bow donations from a local retail store and get some volunteers to offer their time. Charge per present and watch the funds roll in!


How to Use a Photo Booth at Your Fundraiser

Of course, none of these fundraising events would be complete without a photo booth!

Photo booth rentals provide a chance for attendees and donors to create a snapshot of the occasion…one they’ll never throw away. Here are a few ways to use your photo booth at a fundraiser.

golf themed photo booth props


Themed event? We’ve got the props for it!

Whether you’re throwing a casino night, carnival, or Mardi Gras themed gala, you can find the props to match. You can even create your own props that reference your cause or non-profit.

Custom Background

Want to make those photo strips really stand out? Glam up that background!

Customize your photo booth backdrops to fit the theme, organization, or cause. Or go with one that just looks really cool, like our glitter backdrops or vine wall.

photo booth picture strip with logo

Custom Photo Strips

The great thing about photo booth pictures is that they make excellent souvenirs.

The great thing about fundraising souvenirs is that your logo is right in front of your attendees long after the event. (And in the event of photo booth strips, they will never be thrown away.)

Photobooth Rocks can have your logo featured on every single picture strip that gets printed out, so everyone will know who to thank for their awesome favor.

Wrap the Booth

Want the booth to stand out? You probably don’t want to go with the standard black or white. Instead, have us wrap the booth with whatever image you want!

Your logo, a featured recipient of your charity, or just the reasons why your organization does what it does…we can have that all front-and-center for everyone to look at while they’re waiting for their turn in the booth.

Sell Booth Tickets

We never charge individual guests for admission into the photo booth, but for a little push toward your end-of-year goal, consider selling “tickets” to the booth (or a suggested donation).

black and white image of crowded photo booth with people in sunglasses

Video Messaging

Some of our photo booths are equipped with video messaging, so you can collect video clips from booth attendees.

Have a suggested message (“We love [Your Organization]!”) and use these clips in your marketing material.



Reaching your fundraising goals can be as fun for you as it is for your attendees.

Any one of these fundraising event ideas will make for a successful, fun event that people will be happy to come back to year after year.

And of course, whatever fundraising theme you choose, don’t forget to rent your photo booth to memorialize the event!

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