Questions about your photo booth rental? Chances are, it's been asked before!

Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely! We've been a professional photo booth company since 2011. We wouldn't go into business without it!

How long have you been doing this?

The company was established in 2011 and we don't plan on stopping any time soon.

What do the prices start at?

Prices start at $750 for a digital booth. But we have a ton of different photo booth styles to choose from, so we have something for every budget!

How much is an additional hour?

It depends on the event and your package, but it averages between $150-400 per hour depending on the booth and experience.

How big are your booths? What are the different booth styles that you offer? How many people can fit in a booth?

We have multiple booth styles to choose from, each with customization options. Check out our photo booth page for additional details (including dimensions and options).

What features do the booths have?

At this point, these photo booths are like my children: no two are alike and I love them all equally. ALL of our booths are capable of printing out a physical picture (they make the best favors!). Some of our booths have additional features, like video messaging, animated Boomerangs, digital images, and social sharing. Our Mirror Booth even lets you add a signature and emoji stickers to your selfie!

Does the booth come with an attendant?

Yes! A professional photo booth concierge is included with almost every rental. They will test and troubleshoot the booth beforehand and are there to assist your attendees throughout the night and keep the prop table looking spiffy! We also offer options without an attendant. 

What kind of props are provided?

Whatever the occasion or theme, we probably have the props to match! We have a variety of fun props and signs (always a favorite) to choose from.

What backdrops do you have?

Backdrops set the scene for your photo, and they can even match the theme of your event.

Our minimalistic backdrops are perfect for the modern client who wants a clean and simple aesthetic. These backdrops are selected to enhance the beauty of your event without overwhelming it. 

Our specialty backdrops are a little more unique and designed to be bold and creative with the ability to spark interest. 

Let's get Instagram Worthy! Check out our backdrop options

How many photos are printed per session?

Typically one for every person in the photo, but we can customize this with each package. 

How many photos does each person receive?

You get to choose based on your package. We think photo booths are so much fun, no one should have to miss out on the fun! During your rental time, your guests can take as many photos as they like. We encourage people to come back again and again! The more photos they can take home, the better!

How big is the camera and to what distance will it take a photo?

We have multiple booth options to choose from - from the 360 and tunnel that is a video output, to digital photo booths to higher end DSLR camera photo booths. We want your photos to look awesome! It is best if guests stay 5-6 feet from the camera for optimal photo quality.

What type of events do you specialize in for your photo booth rentals?

Weddings, Galas, Birthday Parties, Graduations, Non Profit Events, Tradeshows, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and Holiday Parties

Do you have a variety of unique backdrops available for different themes or event styles?

We do! Our minimalistic backdrops are perfect for the modern client who wants a clean and simple aesthetic. These backdrops are selected to enhance the beauty of your event without overwhelming it. Our specialty backdrops are a little more unique and designed to be bold and creative with the ability to spark interest. Don't see something you LOVE?
Or working with a designer for your event? We can work directly with your planner, designer, or you to create something custom

How much advance notice is typically required to rent a photo booth?

For us to be able to create the best experience from start to finish and to schedule staff, we need at least 60 days notice. If you're planning an event in a hurry, we'd love to help but we cannot guarantee availability with fewer than 31 days notice.

Do you offer packages that include both photo booth and backdrop rentals?


Are your photo booths and backdrops easy to set up? Do you provide assistance with this?

All of our team members are trained to set up the booths and the backdrops so you don't have to worry about any of the set up!

How fast is the setup?

We are trained ninjas in the art of photojitsu (art of photo booth setup). Setups for our standard rentals only take about15-30 mins, depending on the booth style. And our more intricate experiences can take up to 90 mins to set up. Most importantly, we always work behind the scenes so we don't interrupt anybody else. We’ll have the booth set up and ready to go as if they were never there!

What does the setup look like?

We know you've been carefully planning the look and feel of your event for a long time... maybe even since you were little. We'd hate to mess it all up. We take the time to get everything just right: no trip hazards, an organized prop table, and a neatly dressed attendant. And if you want to get real fancy ask us how you can add a neon sign, LED lighting, custom backdrops, or velvet ropes to your photo booth.

What do the photos look like?

The photos are lab-quality prints and your guests receive them in SECONDS. They will either be a traditional 2x6 photo strip or a more "frameable" 4x6, depending on the booth style. We have dozens of layouts and customizable logos available to match any decor or event, too. Customization is our jam!

Will the DJ or band music affect the video messaging?

We get it. You want that dance floor full and poppin'! The beat might be lit, but it can also drown out the video messaging in your photo booth. To get the best sound quality, make sure that you place the photo booth far enough away from the music or not in the direct line of sight... er... sound.

How much space do you need?

It all depends on which photo booth you're renting. For most events and booth rentals, an 8x8 or 10x10 space will work perfectly. For our 360 or tunnel we recommend at least 20x20. 

Who will be delivering and setting up our booth?

Don't worry about all the heavy lifting. Our delivery team is responsible for all the delivery, setup, and breakdown of our photo booths. Want to learn more about our team? I’d love to introduce you to them.

How early do you arrive to set up the booth?

Our delivery team will arrive at least 2 hours early to set up your photo booth. However, if you want it an hour or two earlier (or the previous day), that's no problem! We can set it up whenever you want at no extra charge. Our attendants will arrive an hour prior to the rental time to set out the props, turn on the booth, and test it (for the 3rd time that day).

Do you only do weddings?

Nope, we rocks all types of events! Our resume includes birthday parties for all ages, corporate events, product launches, award galas, charity events, trade shows and conventions, quinceañeras, bar/bat mitzvahs, graduations, proms... whatever you want!

How far do you travel?

We generally stay in Central Florida, but we have been to Miami and all the way up to Pensacola.

Can you accommodate my venue?

We've worked at just about every venue in this town, from country clubs to the convention center. There's nothing we haven't seen before! As long as the venue is a certified and licensed event venue and the photo booth has access to power, we usually can make it happen!

Will you deliver to a private residence?

Absolutely! Photo booths are the perfect addition to baby showers, bar mitzvahs, graduations, and other house parties. Just make sure there are no stairs, a weatherproof cover, and stable ground.

Will my guests have to pay to get in the booth?

$1/session... JUST KIDDING! No! Not at all! The event host (that's you) pays for the rental period. At the event, your guests can take as many pictures as they like.

What are your reviews?

We named our entire company after our client reviews: "Photobooth ROCKS!" But you don't have to take our word for it. See them for yourself.

How do I get started?

Contact us to make sure we have your favorite photo booth style available the day you need it. We'll ask you about your event and the type of experience you want your guests to have. Once you're ready to book, we'll need a signed contract and a 50% deposit. The final balance isn’t due until 30 days prior to your event date (you can pay with a check or credit card). We email you a digital contract to sign and a link to make an online payment.

Can I personalize the photo booth props and backdrops to match my event's theme?

You sure can! Etsy is a great place to order custom props, and you can bring them the day of the event and we will set them out for you. You can also provide your own custom backdrop and have it ready for us when we arrive, or we can work with you to create and order a backdrop (at least 60 days notice required).

Is there a limit to the number of prints we can take with your photo booths?

Typically one for every person in the photo, but we can customize this with each package.

Are your photo booths equipped with professional quality cameras for high-quality images?

YES! And here’s the fun part - we have 7 different photo booth experiences and all provide a different type of momentum! Some experiences only require a 12MP Camera and some require the DSLR camera, such as our GLAM photo booth experience.