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Photo Booth Ideas For Formals

Everybody—young, old, and everyone in-between—loves the charm and appeal of a photo booth. After all, they are classic and here to stay! And while they might be the next best wedding trend, you don't have to put a ring on anything to rent one! In fact, we think that photo booths can enhance, or even […]

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10 High School Reunion Photo Booth Ideas

Planning a high school reunion is tough. Between the jocks, geeks, cheerleaders, and debate team, how do you come up something that everyone will enjoy? A photo booth, of course! The folks behind Photobooth Rocks might not be voted "Most Studious," but we could sure win "Life Of the Party!" And almost nothing brings a […]

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15+ Homecoming Themes (& Other School Dance Ideas)

From the Friday night lights of homecoming to the magic of prom, your students are probably already excited about the year's upcoming formal events. When it comes to planning school dances, don't phone it in! Formal dances are one of the best memories of high school and your enrollees are sure to look back on […]