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high school reunion photo booth ideas

Planning a high school reunion is tough. Between the jocks, geeks, cheerleaders, and debate team, how do you come up something that everyone will enjoy?

A photo booth, of course!

The folks behind Photobooth Rocks might not be voted "Most Studious," but we could sure win "Life Of the Party!" And almost nothing brings a group together quite like a photo booth. With fun props, cute poses, and the ultimate nostalgia factor, a photo booth is the perfect addition to your next high school reunion.

But what if you could take an "ordinary" photo booth and turn it into something spectacular?

Here are 10 photo booth ideas that make your high school reunion SUPER fun!


1. Now and Then

All the best high school reunion ideas center around nostalgia. This one takes advantage of that in a big way!

Have guests recreate photos from past yearbooks inside the photo booth. Sure, you'll have plenty of fun props available, but sometimes a weird facial expression and your best bud from 10th grade are all you need.


2. Hide and Seek

Cliques are better left in high school. Instead, encourage guests to mingle with a photo booth scavenger hunt! You’ll be able to catch up and find some fun conversation topics at the same time.

Hop in the photo booth with classmates who:

  • Married their high school sweetheart;
  • Have a PhD.;
  • Still live in the same town;
  • Live in another country;
  • Gave birth to twins;
  • Have a really cool job.

Or come up with your own ideas! Award all winners with a small prize, such as a photo strip frame to display their favorite selfie of the night.

confetti throwing fun in a photo booth at an event in orlando

3. Where Did You Come From?

Were you quarterback of the football team? Prom queen? Most Likely to Succeed?

It's always fun (or funny) to look back on who you were in high school. Have a chalkboard or dry erase sign on the props table for people to write what "label" they had.

Maybe the "Best Couple" is still together with nine kids. Maybe the guy with "Best Hair" is now bald. Either way, people are sure to get a kick out of it.


4. Where Did You Go?

Career Days and guidance counselors had everyone hoping to be an astronaut or rock star when they grew up. But who actually does that?

Use those chalkboard and dry erase signs to write down your dream job as a teen (or your after-school job) alongside your current career.


5. The Good Ol' Days

2 legit 2 quit sign on table with 90s-themed photo booth props

Turn back the clock with props, costumes, and poses that reflect your graduation year.

Perhaps the Class of 1967 wears leather vests and holds "Groovy!" signs. The Class of '84 wears a lot of neon and crazy wigs. The '96 graduates recreate their favorite music videos in our Vogue Photo Booth.


6. This Is How We Do It

As much fun as photo booths are (and they're a blast!), some people will always need a little boost to get started.

While guests are waiting in line, offer a pose suggestion box for people who need a little nudge or an idea.

  • Give someone a piggy back ride
  • Pose like Charlie's Angels
  • Flex those muscles!
  • Do the macarena (if your booth records video messages)
  • Let someone else pick your prop
  • Pose like a boy band


7. Video Killed the Radio Star

Many modern photo booths now have video messaging capabilities alongside the traditional still photos. While you can't print these out, attendees can have their videos emailed to them to enjoy later.

The old cheerleading squad can perform an old routine (minus the backflips) or guests can simply record their favorite memories of their high school years.

blue balloon backdrop with the photo booth

8. Look at Me!

When you rent from Photobooth Rocks, your guests will get unlimited visits to the booth and two copies of each picture they take.

Photo booth strips are a fun souvenir to remember the class reunion, but don't keep it all to yourself! Let everyone enjoy the photos throughout the night by displaying the "spare" photo strips in a central location.


9. Back It Up

The right backdrop makes a huge difference in your photo booth pictures.

One of our best photo booth ideas is to use a Green Screen background for your class reunion. Utilize your school colors, mascot, emblem, or anything else you'd like.

Every time guests look at their picture, they'll remember how much fun they had at the last reunion, which will make them want to return to the next one.


10. Dress It Up

The background isn't the only thing you can customize. At Photobooth Rocks, we can wrap any of our booths with your image or design of choice!

Customized photo booths can blend into your choice of décor or stand out so that no one misses out on the fun!


High School Reunion Ideas That ROCK

Photos trigger our favorite memories unlike anything else. But 1998 isn't the only year worth remembering. Your class reunion is the perfect time to catch up with old friends and make new memories together (hopefully ones that are a little less embarrassing).

Once you try Photobooth Rocks, you'll never settle for a DIY photo booth again. Our professional attendants, easy-to-use booths, and lab-quality prints are only a small part of what makes us Orlando's favorite photo booth company.

Whether you're planning a family reunion, class reunion, or high school dance, we'd love to help make your event ROCK. Schedule your favorite photo booth today.

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