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family reunion and family party photo booth

Family reunions are a fun way to connect with relatives, meet new family members, and make new memories. And what's the best way to capture those memories?


At Photobooth Rocks, we know that photos are an important feature at every family get-together. So we've put together a list of 11 family reunion ideas for awesome photos that you will cherish for generations. Whether you want a fun activity or a long-lasting memory, these family reunion ideas are sure to fit the bill.



Big or small, every family reunion needs a touchstone activity. Here are our three favorite family reunion activities using photos.

1. Photo Booth

We've seen it at event after event...people love photo booths!

Not only are they a fun activity for young and old, they're a great way to capture the memories of your get-together. Everyone has fond memories of hopping into the photo booth with their friends; now, they'll be able to do it with their cousins, nieces, and grandkids!

family reunion and family party photo booth

Our Open Air booth holds a lot of people, so you can take a pic with all of your cousins. Include some fun, family-related props and even customize your photo booth rental for the ultimate family reunion activity!

2. Slideshow

Before the event, have your relatives submit their favorite photos and get a tech-savvy person to edit them all into a slideshow. Cue it up with a selection of music (old-timey tunes are always fun for this) and play it at some point during your reunion.

If you have a large family that might not know each other, organize the slideshow by family group and include names in each image.

Kids and adults alike will have a blast looking for their own pictures and identifying family members they recently met.

3. Photo Gallery

If your venue can't accommodate a digital slideshow, set up a photo gallery.

Have family members bring their favorite old photos (don't forget to label who it is and anything else you know about it) and set them up in an easily accessible spot so everyone can take a walk down memory lane.



Games are the ultimate bonding activity. Here are four cute family reunion ideas for photo-related games that every generation will enjoy.

4. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo scavenger hunts are a fun way to use the photo booth rental to meet new relatives!

Have everyone find and hop in the photo booth with different people who match items on the list.

Need a little help with list ideas? Here are some suggestions:

  • Loves The Beatles
  • Remembers the moon landing
  • Is from Gen Z
  • Lives in another country
  • Knows how to tweet
  • Has used a card catalog

You'll not only learn more about your relatives, you'll find some common ground and some great conversation topics.

5. Who's That Baby?

scattered collection of old family photos

Baby showers aren't the only occasion to play this game!

Before your event, gather baby pictures of the oldest members of the family and see who can identify them. It's always entertaining to see how much people (and times) have changed!

6. Guess Who?

This one is a fun, new twist on the classic game of Guess Who?.

But instead of "Maria" and "Bob," customize the game with pictures of your own family members. Younger kids will get a kick out of it and you can ask all sorts of new questions. ("Does this person live in another state?" "Does this person have any grandkids?")

7. Find the Relative

You've heard of "Where's Waldo?" but you've never played it like this!

Have family members submit photos of themselves taken among a crowd of other people (group class photos are perfect for this) and encourage others to "Find the Foreman" (or whatever your last name is).

This is also a fun way to identify which traits are common in your family, like the "Williamson nose."



Old photos are fun, but making new memories is even better! These four family reunion ideas will make sure that you end up with plenty of photo (and video) memories that you can enjoy for generations.

8. Story Time

One super-cool feature of our Video photo booth is the video messaging capability.

Encourage relatives to share short stories and memories about their lives, such as how Grandpa proposed or the time Aunt Clara met a celebrity. You'll be able to enjoy them for years (and feature them at the next reunion).

photo booth rocks photo video booth for weddings and special events

9. Guestbook

At Photobooth Rocks, we know how important it is for the event host to capture photo memories of the guests. That's why we offer printing and guestbooks options. Choose from 2x6 or 4x6 print outs and a guestbook for your package!

Collect a scrapbook full of photos from each event and bring it to the following family reunions. It's a fun way to see how everyone has changed over the years.

You can also set some scrapbooking supplies on a table and let guests create their own books from their photo booth strips. Need to fill up a whole book? No problem! With Photobooth Rocks, your guests can visit the photo booth as often as they want during the rental period.

10. Group Shot

You'll probably want a group photo of the entire family to commemorate the occasion.

Set up a camera with a timer so you can get a group shot of everyone for posterity. If your family is too big to fit in one shot, take smaller pictures of the various branches of the family tree.

11. Go Pro

Photo booths and professional photographers are friends, not competition!

Hire a professional photographer to take some posed and candid shots throughout your event. After your reunion, upload them all to a shared drive that each family member can access to grab the photos they want.


Get the Best Photos Ever for your Family Reunion!

No one has ever looked back on their life and thought, "Man...I took too many photos!"

These family reunion ideas will ensure that your old and new family photos will help create some amazing new memories and make connections with loved ones from all over the world.

And whether you're looking for a cool activity, fun game, or beautiful memories, the photo booth can do it all! If you're hosting a family reunion in Orlando, let Photobooth Rocks add a new level of fun and nostalgia to your event. Contact us today to reserve your booth.

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