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When planning a wedding, it's important to stay organized.

Flowers? Got the florist. Cake? Got the baker. Pictures? Got the photographer.

Not so fast. A wedding photographer isn't the only person you should hire to take great pictures for your wedding day or other formal event.

To create a truly unforgettable experience, you need a photo booth.

Here are five ways that photo booths can complement your wedding photographer.


1. They Focus On Your Guests

Wedding photographers are paid to focus on the happy couple. They are best at posing couples, finding the perfect ceremony moment to capture for eternity, and telling your love story.

But when you hire a photo booth for your wedding, your guests can share that spotlight.

And what better time to do so? After all, they're already dressed to the nines with their makeup on point. Setting up a photo booth is a great way to get some fun, hilarious shots of the entire squad (no Selfie Stick needed!).

After all, most people wouldn't even dream of tapping your photographer on the shoulder and asking them to snap a photo of table seven. But with a photo booth, anyone can get up and take a selfie whenever they want.


2. They're More Fun

When it comes to treasured wedding photos that will last a lifetime, there's no replacement for a photographer.

But sometimes you just wanna let loose, amirite?

bride and groom showing off rings in photo booth

Photo booths bring out a side of people that a photographer can't. Shy guests blossom once they're no longer face-to-face with a camera pro. Stoic uncles finally crack a smile when they get to hold a replica of Thor's mighty hammer. Sometimes, even the happy couple themselves prefer these casual, "unscripted" moments more than the professional ones on the church steps.

Plus, with fun props, awesome backgrounds, and customized booths for any occasion, everyone will be drawn to the photo booth!


3. They Double as an Activity

What will your wedding guests be doing while you and your new spouse are taking photos? What about the guests who don't dance (or are simply too tired to dance any longer)?

If you have a photo booth, these problems take care of themselves.

We're sure Pinterest and Google have plenty of ideas for wedding reception activities, but let's face it...there's nothing as approachable, family-friendly, and smile-inducing as a photo booth. Guests of all ages—from flower girls to grandmothers—love a chance to snap a selfie while holding a mustache on a stick!


4. They're Also Souvenirs

What if we told you that you could have an UNLIMITED wedding favor that your guests would never throw away? That's every couple's dream, right?

With a Photobooth Rocks photo booth, that's exactly what you'll get.

Your guests will never have to pay to visit your photo booth and they can come back as many times as they like throughout the rental period to take more photos.

And I always say that photo booth strips are like dollar bills...they're impossible to throw away!

bride holding photo strip

Your guests will likely never get copies of your professional wedding photos, even if they were in the wedding party. But with a photo booth, they'll get an instant print-out of an amazing event (one where they looked super dope).

Of course, every photo that prints out will have your customized logo on it, so everyone can remember that they have YOU to thank! (Don't have a logo? Use one of ours!)


5. You Get the Pics, Too!

You might be saying, "Wait a sounds like my guests will be having all the fun without me!"

We've got you covered.

When you hire a photo booth for your wedding or any other event, you'll get a copy of every single photo strip that gets printed and they'll all be collected in a guestbook for you.

That way, the two of you can look back on everyone's fun and reminisce about what an awesome event you hosted!


MORE Than a Photographer!

mirror booth pics silly

We're not saying you should hire a photo booth in lieu of a wedding photographer. Quite the opposite!

You and your spouse-to-be will treasure your wedding photos for a lifetime, display them in your homes, and pore over the album every year on your anniversary.

But to create an experience that involves your guests in a fun, creative way, you NEED a photo booth at your wedding!

Call us today to discuss your booth options and check availability. (They book up fast!)


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