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fun photo booth props ideas for any type of event

Having fun photo booth props at your party, trade show, or other event instantly increases the fun level.

From the classic photo booth to the digital photo booth, 360 photo booth, mirror photo booth, and more, your options are truly unlimited. And the same goes for your photo booth props!

Remember, photo booth props aren’t an afterthought. They inject a huge amount of excitement for your guests and are what keep partiers coming back to the photo booth all night long.

But what photo booth props are the must-haves? Read on as we list five types of fun photo booth props.


Speech Bubbles

Speech bubbles make a great photo booth prop because they add a playful and interactive element to your photos. Your guests can express themselves and create personalized messages in the photos, making them even more memorable and fun.

Convey a wide range of emotions, from silly and playful to romantic and sentimental, and even customize them to your event. Create a speech bubble with your wedding hashtag, corporate logo, event date, and whatever else you can think of!

a collection of photo booth props on a table, including speech bubbles and hats

Oversized Hats, Sunglasses, & Wigs

If you really want to get playful, classic photo booth props like giant sunglasses, funky hats, and wigs are a must. They are playful and humorous, and they make a great photo booth prop because they're so easy to use.

Let your guests be whoever they want with these disguises, and the more options you have, the more photo booth poses your guests can try out.


Masks & Costumes

Classic masquerade masks are fun, but there are a lot more options!

Animal masks and beloved characters will have people running to the photo booth over and over again.

And if you’re having a theme event, having masks as part of your photo booth props helps create a cohesive theme. If you’re having a Star Wars themed party, then Darth Vader and Yoda masks are a must for the photo booth.

If you want to take dressing up to the next level, renting simple costumes like capes, dresses, and more really takes it up a notch.

couple holding stick photo booth props for each other

Stick Props

Wondering what you’d look like with a mustache? Or a bowtie and top hat? Want to throw some emojis into your photo booth photos?

Then stick props are what you’re looking for.

The beauty of stick props is they can be just about anything. From bright red lips to a parrot for your shoulder. They’re lightweight and versatile and guests can use as many as they want in just one set of photos. Plus, they’re easily customizable with whatever your theme is.



Photo booth frames can be made from cardboard, metal, or plastic and come in a wide array of sizes to add some context to your photo booth.

Customize them to reflect your event with specific messages or images and color them to match the décor. They’re lightweight so no need to worry about guests having difficulty, and you can make them just about any size you want.


Inflatable Props

Blow up microphones, saxophones, and guitars have been a staple on the party scene for years, and you can use them off the dance floor too! Drag them into your photo booth so guests can take the memories with them.

If you’re having a beach or pool-themed event, inflatables will enhance the party vibe even more.

Inflatable props are also eye-catching so your guests certainly won’t miss the photo booth.


Customized Props

In addition to customized speech bubbles or stick props, you can also make just about anything you want into a photo booth prop.

If you’re renting a photo booth for your wedding, blow up pictures of your pets so guests can pose with their faces. Have cutouts of you and your new spouse so all you can be in every picture with your guests.

If you want a photo booth for a trade show and want the props to really stand out, create a cutout of your company logo or mascot.

And if you want guests to come up with their own words for speech bubbles, grab chalkboard or dry erase boards, and let their minds wander.

Check out these custom stick mustaches we created for a company event!

Custom mustache photo booth prop and photos from a company event.

More Fun Photo Booth Props

Fun photo booth props can be found just about anywhere.

Trophies and medals to make your guests feel like winners. Ballerina tutus and gloves. Flags and word signs. Balloons, confetti, artificial plants, and whatever else you can imagine.

The most important thing when it comes to having fun photo booth props is that they’re easy to use and your guests have plenty of options. That way you know they’ll the photo booth will be their favorite part of your event!


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