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black and white photo of large group of people in photo booth with sunglasses

Isn’t it funny how no one ever seems to want their picture taken…until there’s a photo booth? Then, they can’t get enough of it!

But sometimes it’s hard to come up with new pose ideas, especially after you’ve visited the photo booth multiple times already. After all, you only have a few seconds between each picture (and sometimes there’s a lot of people to coordinate).

We’re so glad you found us!

At Photobooth Rocks, it’s our number one priority to make sure that everyone has a blast in the photo booth and ends up with amazing, silly, fun, gorgeous pics that will last a lifetime.

So here are a few photo booth poses that will make for great pictures!


30 Cute Photo Booth Poses

To help you avoid a bunch of blurry, unorganized images, we’ve compiled a list of cute poses, funny poses, and all-around fun ways to pose for photo booths! And remember: the sillier, the better! (That’s one of our rules!)

1. Fake a Selfie

Lean in and extend arms toward the camera so it looks like you’re taking a selfie.

2. Peekaboo!

Hide behind another person or hold a prop in front of your face. You can either peek out or stay hidden, but if you can’t see the screen, make sure you have someone to tell you when to switch up your pose!

3. Do the Dab

teenagers dabbing in photo booth

Nothing says “2020” like a photo of you and your squad dabbing! (This is a really cute idea at school dances or graduation parties.)

And don’t worry about the photos looking ridiculous in five years…in 50 years, they’ll be quaint!

4.  Shh!

The classic pose that shows you have a secret.

5. Make a Heart

Use your hands to make a heart shape. For a cute couple pose, have each person make half of the heart.

6. Blow a Kiss

girls in photo booth blowing a kiss

It’s a classic “red carpet” pose for a reason. (Just remember, this is different from “duckface.”)

7. Holding Hands

Face each other and hold hands. If you’re the newlyweds, have the officiant stand behind you and recreate your ceremony!

8. You May Now Kiss the Bride

woman getting kisses on each cheek from friends

Make a bride sandwich! Gather two friends or family members and have them both give her a kiss on the cheek. (This is a great pose to do with your maid/matron of honor!)

9. You May Now Kiss the Groom

bridesmaids kissing groom on the cheek

Don’t leave grooms out of the fun! Steal the bridesmaids for a cute photo booth pose you’ll cherish!

10. Extreme Close-Up

Get as close as you can to the camera. This is best done with sunglasses on…those lights are bright!

11.  Train

Make a chain of people and walk past the camera as it’s taking pictures.

12. Deuces!

Kristin and Jennie chucking up deuces in the photo booth!

No list of photo booth poses would be complete without this one!

13. YMCA

You might not want it played at the reception, but it can make a cute pose lineup for four people.

14. BYOB

Bring your drink into the booth (be careful not to spill!) and take a swig for the camera.

15. Show Off That Ring

bride and groom showing off rings in photo booth

There’s a dozen ways you can show off your bling! Stick up just your ring finger (like in the photo above), stick your left hand out and show off the ring to the camera, or make a surprised face and cover your mouth with your left hand.

Now that rock is front and center!

16. Tongues Out, Guns Out

This one is pretty self-explanatory…and shows off all the hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym.

17. Mustaches (duh)

Couple posing in photo booth with fake mustaches

Mustache-on-a-stick is the most popular photo booth prop for any gender. We have the photo evidence to prove it!

 18. Bust a Move!

Revisit those cheesy dance studio portraits from your school years and strike a jazz or ballet pose. Or, bust your favorite dance move for a fun action shot (psst…this looks incredible in our 360 booth)!

19. Napoleon Dynamite

Remember that scene where Deb is taking Uncle Rico’s picture? Put your fist under your chin and imagine that you’re weightless in the ocean, surrounded by tiny seahorses….

20. Photo Bomb

girl photobombing a photo booth

Interrupt someone else’s photo for a fun candid moment. Their reactions will be well worth it!

21. Vogue

two women in Light Tunnel walking like models

Channel your inner supermodel and work that photo booth! (BTW, this looks amazing in our Light Tunnel!) Feel free to be as silly or serious as you’d like. Either way, it makes for a great photo!

22. Fake Fight

two men posing as if to fight

Put up your dukes and pretend you’re settling an old grievance. If you want to get really creative, use the other photos in the series to tell a story.

23. Piggyback Ride

Hop on a (strong) friend’s back for the perfect pose!

24. Bring a Crowd

Sign your picture with the new mirror booth

Our Open Air, Mirror, Vogue, and Digital booths can fit a much larger group, so cram in and take a new family photo!

25. Charlie’s Angels

This is the perfect pose to show everyone what your squad is all about.

26. Look Anywhere But The Camera

Faces are so last decade. Look up, down, to the side, or turn around and face the backdrop.

27. Cheer!

bride and groom posing in photo booth

Whether you’re at a wedding, bar mitzvah, or holiday party, being in a photo booth means having a reason to celebrate! Hip hip hooray!

28. Prom Pose

You know the classic “prom pose,” right? Where the guy stands behind the girl and puts his arms around her? The trick to doing this right is being as stiff and awkward as possible (just like on your actual prom night).

For an even funnier twist, have the guy and girl switch places!

29. See No Evil…

Grab your three closest friends and reenact the classic “see no evil, hear no evil, say no evil” pose. (Got a fourth friend who wants in? Originally, there was a fourth monkey sitting on his hands to represent “do no evil.”)

30. Super Cool

six people in photo booth with sunglasses on

There’s literally nothing that says “cool” quite like sunglasses. Grab a pair for each member of your posse and show ’em you’re too cool for school.


More Photo Booth Pose Tips and Ideas

Here are a few more ideas to help you come up with some fun photo booth poses on your own!

1. Get Camera Ready

The best photo booth pictures are the ones you feel comfortable taking. So take a look in the mirror really quick and fix any stray hairs, lipstick stains, or broccoli in your teeth before you hop into the photo booth.

2. Try Different Facial Expressions

Let’s face it…you’ve been smiling for the camera since you were old enough to say “Cheese!” Try out a few different facial expressions for a unexpected and unique photo session:

  • Confused
  • Mad
  • Smug
  • Panicked
  • Triumphant
  • Mischievous

3. Use the Props

Use those photo booth props covering the table to spark some creativity. Raise Thor’s mighty hammer over your head like a superhero. Wrap a feather boa around your neck and strike your best “diva” pose. If there’s a Green Screen, use that to your advantage and interact with the backdrop!

4. Grab a Friend

Sometimes, having someone in the picture with you takes a lot of pressure off. Grab your wedding date, bestie, or coworkers and make some magic!

5. Relax!

If you don’t like how your first set of photos came out, don’t sweat it. No one says you have to keep your photo and there are certainly no rules against taking another one!



Any one of these adorable photo booth poses would make an excellent addition to your photo album.

But don’t just try one…try them all! When you rent a photo booth with Photobooth Rocks, you and your guests have unlimited access to the booth for the entire rental period! We also include the backdrop, props, and an attendant to bring your party to the next level.

Ready to book? We’d love to hear more about your event!

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