When you rent a photo booth with Photo Booth Rocks, the options are endless.

You want accessories? Bring 'em! You want videos AND pictures? We got ya! Want to wrap the photo booth with just a giant picture of your face? Sounds weird, but you do you!

It's your party, and you are allowed to make it your own. We just have a few photo booth etiquette guidelines so your photo booth rental is a hit and you walk away with great memories.


DO: Be Silly! photo strip showing man making silly faces

Strike a cute pose! Make funny faces! Have fun with it! Who cares if you make a fool of yourself? It's a funny memory to have and every host would love to see what a great time their guests are having!

Besides, end up looking too serious and the end result looks like a mug shot. That's not something you'll want to have on display.


DON'T: Hog The Booth

We know, we know...a photo booth is pretty much the most fun you can have at a wedding. But you have to remember that you're not the only one at the party.

When visiting a photo booth, do your best to just take your picture or video and let someone else have a turn. (You can always come back for round two!)


DO: Use The Accessories!

ladies in photo booth with silly props

Your hosts took the time to order and/or bring them, so why not use them? When else would you take a picture with oversized bright pink sunglasses, obnoxious hats, and fake mustaches? EXACTLY!

They add color and personality to your photo strip, so we highly recommend you take advantage of these once in a blue moon accessories!


DON'T: Be Inappropriate.

Sure, you're behind "closed curtains," but you aren't the only one that'll be seeing the pictures. Your hosts get a copy of every single picture taken at the event.

Ruining someone's special night just isn't worth the giggle you'll get. Keep it family-friendly.



A Photo Booth can be the perfect addition to your next event as long as you stick to these photo booth etiquette rules! Don't miss out on the fun! Contact us to find out more about availability, customization options, and more!

Comments (2)

  1. Ivy Baker
    April 30, 2020

    My sister wants a photo booth at her wedding this June. I liked that you explained that she should encourage people to be silly with them. It does seem like it might be smart to look for a booth rental that will provide fun props for people to use.

    • Kristin
      May 8, 2020

      Hey Ivy! Being silly in the booth's is the best part! All of our packages include props!! We'd love to help your sister make some silly memories! You can email our sales assistant [email protected] and she can help you out!

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