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Are you looking for something modern and unique? Or are you looking for a nostalgic photo booth experience?

mirror photo booth vs traditional photo booth comparison

What is the difference between a mirror booth and a traditional booth? This is a great question! And the best way we can answer it is like this: Would you prefer chocolate cake or crème brûlée?

There really isn’t a bulleted side-by-side list comparison, because it’s hard to compare chocolate cake and crème brûlée, right? Both are desserts that satisfy your sweet tooth but otherwise, they're completely different.

Same goes for our traditional booths vs. the mirror photo booth.


What Are You Looking For?

We can't label any of our photo booths as "the best photo booth," because each of them is best for a different occasion.

So we like to look at it from another perspective: what are you looking for? Beyond the fact that you want some sort of photo novelty at your event, what’s the experience you would like for you and your guests?

Let's break down the major differences between the mirror photo booth experience and the traditional photo booth experience you know and love.


printz photo booth

Traditional Booths

Traditional photo booths offer a nostalgic photo booth experience, where you step “inside” and take your photos. They also offer a few additional experiences.

  • Choose between color or black and white images.
  • Take three pictures, with a 5-second countdown in between.
  • Take a photo series or record a video message for the guest(s) of honor!
  • You receive a USB of all images and videos at the end of the night.
  • Choose between 4x6 or 2x6 printouts.


MIRROR photo booth rental orlando product shot

Mirror Booths:

Mirror photo booths offer a modern twist to the traditional photo booth experience. Even if your friends and family have used photo booths at their weddings or graduation parties before, chances are they've never seen anything like this!

  • The full-length LED touch screen mirror blends seamlessly into your event decor. If you're throwing a themed event and don't want to "ruin the magic" with a traditional photo booth, this is a perfect option!
  • When taking your photos, you can see yourself in the full-length mirror. In between photos you’ll be motivated by the fun, interactive prompts (including a countdown so you don't miss your shot!).
  • Before the image prints, you have the option to sign the touch screen with your name or add a favorite saying and/or fun graphics to your photo.
  • You’ll get a link to your images within 2 days of the event, as well as a printed version to take home.
  • Because of the incredible technology, mirror booths are only available for 100% indoor/covered events.
  • Print out lab-quality 4x6 prints.


Both Booths:

  • ...have the option to put a photo in an album for your guests to sign,
  • ...will give you physical and digital images,
  • ...offer immediate printouts on site,
  • ...are a photo novelty that your guests will never forget!


As you can see, we love all of our photo booth types equally. But depending on what features you want for your special event, you probably already have a favorite. Reserve your favorite photo booth today to create lasting memories for you and your guests.

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