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10+ Graduation Photo Booth Ideas

Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, allow us to be the first to say “Con-grad-ulations!”

Starting a new chapter in your life calls for a BIG celebration, and if there’s one thing we know how to do at Photobooth Rocks, it’s celebrate! This is the perfect opportunity to make some special memories to look back on in the coming years.

And what better way to capture those memories than a graduation party—complete with a photo booth?

Celebrate your hard work and honor the friends and family who got you there with these graduation photo booth ideas!


Make Some Memories

For Gen Z, it’s common to take (and delete) 100 selfies in an afternoon, but your parents will tell you there’s nothing like having a tangible photo of your loved ones. Photos have a special way of capturing a moment in time, giving you something to look back on and remember decades later.

Rent a Graduation Photo Booth

We always start by recommending a modern photo booth for any graduation party!

Forget the clunky models from the ‘80s! Nowadays, photo booths are sleek little numbers that can fit in any venue. No matter your vibe, theme, or budget, we have a photo booth that will take your graduation party from lame to lit.

Whether you want a tech-forward digital-only booth or one disguised as a mirror, our photo booths always come with an attendant, so you can focus on the fun!

photo clip banner with lights
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Display the Photo Strips

With the exception of our digital-only booths, all of our photo booths print out two copies of each photo, one for your guests and one for you!

And since graduations are all about memories, we love the idea of using your photo strips as party décor.

Hang a simple banner with clips for guests to display their photos. For a special touch, have them sign the photos first! If you’d like to keep things more compact, ask us about our scrapbook options.

Video Messages For Posterity

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video must be worth a million!

With our video photo booth, friends, family, and loved ones can record up to 30 seconds of best wishes, memories, inside jokes, or whatever else comes to mind.

When the grad is away at college, it will warm their hearts to hear from the people who care about them most.


Props For Every Party Theme

Photo props are the #1 best thing about photo booths! But you don’t have to stick to traditional options, like graduation caps and diplomas. Think outside the booth and come up with a fun party theme!

Graduation Fiesta

You’re now one degree warmer (get it?), so take things south of the border with a fiesta-themed grad party!

Sombreros, cactuses, and llamas are both relevant and popular, so you’re sure to find plenty of props and decorations.

girls posing with Green Screen featuring the Eiffel Tower


The world is your oyster, so make it your party theme as well!

Vintage travel photo props will help accessories your photos, but for the ultimate grad party photo booth idea, set up a Green Screen background and let your guests travel around the world—virtually, of course.


If you’re heading to college on a sports scholarship, a sports themed graduation party honors your past as well as your future.

From football to basketball and beyond, we have plenty of photo booth props to reflect your athletic abilities.

Stay True To Your School (Colors)

If you’re more “color palette” than “cohesive theme,” why not use your school colors?

You can either use the colors for your high school or university. Bonus points if you can use the school mascot as a theme!


It’s a classic ‘90’s sitcom that has stood the test of time…which means there are a plethora of party decorations and photo booth props!

Could this day BE any more special?

wood backdrop with christmas lights
Our faux wood backdrop has a total Stranger Things vibe!

Stranger Things

You’re heading into a new, unfamiliar stage of your life, which means things are bound to feel a little “strange.” But before your life gets turned “upside down,” have a big party!

Because the show is so popular, there are hundreds of selections for Stranger Things props, from demogorgon balloons to Christmas-light backdrops. (Don’t want to buy one? Our vinyl  wood-look backdrop features a string of Christmas lights for the perfect “Joyce Byers” vibe.)


You don’t need to wait until October to get a little spooky!

You and your friends can dance, dance, dance, with your hands, hands, hands over your head in the photo booth all night long. This is the perfect chance to use Halloween props, or allow us to create a custom Wednesday collection just for you!


Add a Fun Photo Booth Backdrop

A plain wall is fine, but backdrops take your photo booth experience to the next level! Here are our favorite graduation photo booth ideas to help set the stage.


Nothing says “party time!” like balloons! Create a simple balloon garland using balloon tape and the colors of your choice. Or, talk to us about creating a custom balloon background that will knock their socks off!

Hedge wall backdrop with Open Air booth

Hedge Wall

Our faux hedge wall looks and feels like the real deal, mimicking the ivy-covered walls of a university. Plus, if you’re heading off to an Ivy League school, it’ll match the theme perfectly!

Black and gold geometric photo booth backdrop

Black and Gold Geometric

Black and gold is a classic color combo for graduation parties, and it just so happens to be the colors for UCF!

Either way, this is a classy choice for an upscale event.

Green Screen

Having a hard time finding the right background? With our new Green Screen, the sky's the limit!

Simply tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen.


We Bring the Fun!

Years of hard work have all led up to this moment. Make sure you give it the celebration you deserve!

At Photobooth Rocks, our amazing team has only one thing in mind: make your graduation party a blast. From start to finish, we have the ideas, resources, and energy to get your event off on the right foot and keep the fun going all night.

Contact us today to get started!

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