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Whether it's weddings, baby showers, class reunions, or bat mitzvahs, photo booths are all the rage. There's just one problem with trends like this: there are no end of people turning a DIY #lifehack into an #epicfail.

DIY photo booths have exploded in popularity, with tablet stands, software, and printer choices creating a confusing, overwhelming Google search sessions.

At Photobooth Rocks, it breaks our heart to see otherwise beautifully planned events resort to a cheap or DIY photo booth just to save a few bucks. At the end of the day, there's no comparison to a professional photo booth rental!

Here are 5 ways that a real photo booth is no match for the DIY version.


1. Attendant

The term "DIY" has gained a reputation of being something cute and crafty, or smart and economical that makes you feel proud when you complete it. But when you take it back to the actual meaning—"do it yourself"—the reality is a lot more drudgery.

When you set up a DIY photo booth, you're responsible for collecting the equipment, figuring out how it works, setting everything up, putting it away, troubleshooting any errors, maintaining an orderly queue, and keeping the props table clean throughout your event.

It's enough to make you want to throw in the towel, isn't it?

At Photobooth Rocks, ALL of our photo booth rentals are delivered, installed, and taken away by our team of professionals and an attendant is included throughout your event. Your attendant will be in charge of troubleshooting, crowd control, tidying the props table, and everything else so that you can focus on having fun!

Another thing your attendant can help with is encouraging people to actually use the booth. We've been to too many events where a DIY photo booth sat neglected all night. Not so with a professional photo booth. People flock to it!

2. "Extras" Are Included

Once you've gotten your DIY photo booth operational (how many printer battles did that take?), you still have to think about the rest of the photo booth supplies.

It can get expensive to order a large enough variety of paper props, and even more so if you want to include things like Hulk hands, cowboy hats, sunglasses, or Mickey ears.

i came for the beer and cake signs

With our booth rentals, props and backdrops are always included.

With all booths, you can choose one of our many awesome backdrops and we have a plethora of photo booth props to fit any event or theme.

Another fun extra is the host scrapbook (with all supplies included) so you can remember your event forever. (After all, isn't that why you wanted a photo booth in the first place?) Every time your guests visit the photo booth, two copies of their picture strip will print out, one for them and one for the scrapbook. Your attendant will compile all the pictures together in a beautiful scrapbook and remind each guest to sign it.

Sure, you can make a scrapbook with DIY photo booth pics, too, but it's one more thing you'll have to be in charge of.


3. Photo Quality

Rental or DIY...ultimately, it's all about the end result. And it won't matter how much money you "saved" if your guests walk away with a badly lit, poor quality photo.

Most wedding and event venues aren't known for their awesome lighting (that's why so many DJs offer uplighting packages). But that romantic mood lighting that makes a reception so much fun will make your pictures look terribly underexposed. All of our booths feature fantastic lighting (that won't bleed onto the dance floor) so that every selfie is Instagram-ready.

If you're choosing to have a photo booth at your event, odds are, it's because you want you and your guests to remember the evening forever. But that won't be possible if your friends and family end up with a bad photo. Photobooth Rocks offers only professional, lab-quality photos that print out in seconds (so no one will have to miss their favorite song).


4. Photo Quantity

Before you settle on a DIY photo booth for your event, let me ask you this: How many guests are you inviting? How many times will they visit the booth? How much photo paper and ink will you need?

You can either spend a ton to make sure you have enough materials to last you all night or risk limiting your guests' visits to the photo booth. And trust us, nothing puts a damper on an event faster than being told you only have ONE shot in the booth!

girls with mustache and crown props

At Photobooth Rocks, you and your guests get unlimited booth visits, plus the event host will receive a copy of every photo taken for the guestbook. This is one occasion where "less" is definitely not more.


5. VIP Experience

Even if you can manage to put together a working DIY photo booth, awesome props, professional lighting, lab-quality printer, and find someone to take care of it'll still have a photo booth that looks like a DIY photo booth.

Don't take away from a stunning reception hall with a tacky DIY photo booth. Your event deserves better! Our booths are sleek and simple, with colors that blend into your space. "But what if I want my booth to stand out?" you ask? We got you! Many of our booths can be custom wrapped with any image your heart desires. So you can add your company logo, wedding hashtag, baby pictures of yourself...the list is endless!

But the VIP treatment doesn't end there. We offer things that a DIY photo booth just can't:

  • Video messaging (on select booths)
  • Access to digital images
  • Scrapbook (may be additional charge)
  • Customized logo
  • Layout options (on select booths)
  • LED roof lighting (additional charge)
  • Neon sign (additional charge)
  • Velvet rope (additional charge)
  • and more!


For Special Events, a DIY Photo Booth Won't Cut It

If you want your special event to be truly "special," don't settle for a DIY photo booth.

Weddings, family reunions, and graduation parties don't come along every day. If you want to do it right (and you want guests to actually visit it), go with a professional photo booth rental.

At Photobooth Rocks, we are Orlando's #1 photo booth rental company for a reason. Our commitment to your enjoyment is what drives us and our reputation. Contact us today to reserve your booth!

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