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"I reeeallllyyy want a photo booth at my wedding/bat mitzvah/quinceñera/family reunion, but I'm worried about the photo booth rental prices. Maybe I should set up a DIY photo booth...."

When you're planning a big milestone event, like a wedding, graduation party, bar mitzvah, or quinceañera, it can be tempting to set up a DIY photo booth to save yourself from professional photo booth rental prices. But is this really your best option?

We might be biased, but we think that photo booth rentals are definitely worth the costs involved. After all, look at everything you get!


beautiful white elite photo booth

A Professional Photo Booth

A camera on a tripod might work for birthday slumber parties, but when you're throwing a huge milestone event, there's nothing like the real thing.

Having a true "throwback" photo booth is an experience your guests will love. Most booth rental companies even have different styles to choose from, so you won't have to worry about your photo booth sticking out like a sore thumb at your "Roaring '20s" themed birthday. And the newest trend? Mirror photo booths! There's no way to DIY one of those.

Not to mention, the lighting is always perfect with a professional booth.


photo booth attendant

A Professional Attendant

Let me ask you a question about that DIY photo booth you're considering...who's gonna take the picture?

With a photo booth rental company, you'll likely get a professional booth attendant to help your guests with pose ideas, prop suggestions, how to work the machine, and keeping the line of people under control.

When you go the DIY route, you either have to hire/bribe someone to be behind the camera all night (do any of your guests really want to miss out on the fun?) or trust people to take their own pictures (uh...hello, broken camera!). Professional attendants keep your photo booth...well, professional.


lip and mustache photo booth props

TONS of Fun Props!

Fun photo booth props are the #1 reason to have a photo booth at your event! (Seriously, who doesn't love posing with a mustache on a stick?)

With DIY photo booths, you're in charge of finding, making, and setting up all those props, which can take a lot of time, money, and coordinating. Whereas your booth rental prices will usually include props for whatever event you're hosting.

Plus, your friendly attendant will take care of setting up the prop table and keeping it looking nice throughout the night. No more digging underneath a pile of wigs to find that lipstick prop you had your eye on all night.


vine wall open air photo booth

Gorgeous Backdrops

A good quality backdrop costs a pretty penny. And a bad quality to not even think about that.

With a photo booth rental company, you'll have lots of options when it comes to photo backdrops to set the scene. Photobooth Rocks has grey, black, white, three colors of glitter, and vine wall backdrops to create a beautiful stage for your photo booth.

Got something specific in mind? We can even print out a customized backdrop with your logo, favorite image, or anything you like!


photo booth strips

Instant, Unlimited Photo Lab-Quality Prints

In order to have your guests' photos be available to take home from the event, you'll have to invest in either a Polaroid camera or a photo printer, batteries, film, paper, ink cartridges, and more.

Your professional event photo booth, on the other hand, likely offers unlimited, instant, photo lab-quality prints. Your guests can keep coming back for more and you never have to worry about running out (or putting a limit on your guests' fun).


Extras! Extras!

Let's face it: all those extra photo booth services are what really set professional photo booth companies apart.

Neon sign? Check. LED-lit roof? Check. Velvet rope? Uh...yeah!

It's hard to make a DIY photo booth look like anything but a DIY photo booth. But a professional company who does this all. the. time. will know exactly how to create that perfect vision for your event. One that you and your guests will love.


DIY vs Renting From a Pro

By the time you add up the costs of a DIY photo booth (camera, printer, film, batteries, backdrop, props...) you could have rented a photo booth from a company that specializes in high-quality, professional, and fun events of all kinds.

Don't delegate tasks to your family and other guests. Let everyone have a great time at your wedding, corporate event, or birthday party (including you!) by leaving the real work to the pros. You'll be more satisfied with your pictures and you'll have copies of all the photos from throughout the night.

Contact us today for any questions you might have and to book your favorite photo booth. We love events and can't wait to help at yours!

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