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Photo booths aren't going anywhere anytime soon. And with that popularity comes a slew of new takes on the classic photo booth.

There are open air photo booths. Digital photo booths. DIY photo booths. Spinning photo booths. Mirror photo booths with fancy touchscreens like something out of Harry Potter.

And yet, despite all of the alternatives, the classic photo booth is still around.

To my mind, there's nothing that beats the nostalgic, "spend-all-day-at-the-mall-with-your-squad" feel of the original photo booth.


What Is the Modern Classic Photo Booth?

Think of the retro photo booths you encounter in a mall and you've pretty much pictured the look and feel of a classic photo booth rental.

Our Classic model is a fresh take on the original, with an enclosed booth, half curtain for privacy, and an interior screen with a countdown so you can be ready with the perfect pose before the picture is taken.

Classic photo booth circle frame

In less than 10 seconds, your picture is ready, complete with a custom logo specifically for your event—whether it's a wedding, quinceañera, or even a trade show.

But in a world of digital photo booths and Snapchat filters, how much can the classic photo booth compete?

Uh...so much!


Benefits of the Classic Photo Booth

As much as we love sharing selfies on social media, nothing quite beats the real thing.

Here are the reasons why you'll want a classic photo booth at your next event.

The Nostalgia Factor

Like we said, there's nothing that beats the classic appeal of the OG retro photo booth.

Everyone at your event—from Grandma to your baby cousin—can't resist getting in on the action. Especially when it's as familiar and fun as a photo booth. Except, this time, you won't need to have any quarters ready.

More Compact

Open Air photo booths may have a smaller footprint, but the Classic model takes up less total room.

Because the backdrop, camera, lighting, and posing space are all built-in to the 4' x 2.5' machine, it's a one-stop, drop-off, ready-to-go activity. So if you have limited space in your event venue, with no wiggle room and no spot for a decent backdrop, the classic booth has you covered. Like it always has.

Our Classic photo booth in black

It's Private

Not everyone enjoys the spotlight, so having a curtain to close behind you when you're about to goof off with a fake mustache will help even the quietest wallflowers bloom.

Couples can smooch away, shy kids can have a place to go nuts, and your serious uncle doesn't have to let anyone see him in a purple wig.

The closed-in, cozy environment creates an intimate spot that's just about the two (or more!) people in the booth.

Better Lighting

Closed environments + up-close lighting = better pictures. (It's science.)

Classic photo booths don't depend on your venue for the perfect selfie lighting. Everything is contained, so everything is controlled.

No worries about the venue's uplighting or the DJ's spotlights casting weird shadows on the bride's face. Just the perfect, bright, flattering lights with no interference, every time.


We admit it, there's an appeal to having a digital photo to share on your Facebook feed, but having a physical photo strip or collage that you can look at every day? Priceless.

Photo strips make the best favors for your event: no one wants to throw them out and they usually put them somewhere they can look at them every day. (This is the perfect opportunity to show off your business logo!)

And at Photobooth Rocks, your guests won't have to pay a cent and they'll have unlimited visits. What other wedding favor is unlimited?

Cooler Accessories

All of our photo booths are customizable for the ultimate VIP experience (velvet rope, anyone?), but the Classic booth has a few things that the others don't.

Our neon "photo booth" sign and colored LED roof lighting are only available on our Classic model. And trust me when I say that it creates the coolest effect in a dark reception hall!

wood classic booth

Another thing that's only available on our Classic booth? A faux wood wrap. Most of our other booths only come in black and white (although you can always change it up with a custom wrap), but our Classic model also comes with a faux wood option for a rustic look. (Because photo booths can stick out like a sore thumb in a cute barn wedding.)


You Don't Have to Compromise

When it comes to our photo booths, "classic" doesn't have to mean "antique." All of our photo booths have been updated to modern standards and include:

  • Instant printouts – Your photo strips print out in seconds!
  • Access to digital photos – We love having a physical photo to hold, but you still have the option of a digital photo to post to your social media feed.
  • Video messaging – Leave a heartwarming message for the newlyweds, graduating senior, or b’nei mitzvah to view after the event.
  • Props included – No matter the event or theme, appropriate photo booth props are included at no extra cost.
  • Attendant included – Our friendly professional attendants are there to keep the prop table clean and troubleshoot any issues. Plus, having a photo booth concierge makes you look extra fancy.
  • Personalized photo strips – Add a logo to your photo strips so your guests always know who to thank for the awesome time! Don't have one? Use one of ours.
  • Unlimited visits for each guest – We never charge your guests to visit the photo booth and we will never limit their visits.
  • USB flash drive with all photos – After the event, the host will receive a USB flash drive with all of the photos taken throughout the event. Or, you can get a guestbook as a permanent memory of how much fun your guests had.



It's 2019 and yet, despite all of the updates photo booths have seen over the years, the Classic photo booth is still going strong.

Its retro appeal, compact size, awesome lighting, and sweet accessory options make the vintage photo booth a solid choice, no matter what event you're hosting.

We happen to love our classic photo booth, but there are plenty of booth options available for you to choose from. Every event is different and we'd love to discuss yours so we can recommend a booth for you.

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