black and white photo of large group of people in photo booth with sunglasses

Cute Photo Booth Poses for Every Event

Isn't it funny how no one ever seems to want their picture taken...until there's a photo booth? Then, they can't get enough of it! And the beauty of photo booths, especially new digital photo booths, is the picture opportunities are truly unlimited. And so are the chances for cute photo booth poses. But sometimes it's […]

high school reunion photo booth ideas
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10 High School Reunion Photo Booth Ideas

Planning a high school reunion is tough. Between the jocks, geeks, cheerleaders, and debate team, how do you come up something that everyone will enjoy? A photo booth, of course! The folks behind Photobooth Rocks might not be voted "Most Studious," but we could sure win "Life Of the Party!" And almost nothing brings a […]

baby shower photo booth ideas
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6 Super Cute Baby Shower Photo Booth Ideas

Hosting a baby shower, gender reveal, or "sip & see" is a much-anticipated event when a couple announces they are expecting. But not everyone looks forward to the same, tired games that have been popular since your grandma was pregnant. Enter: the baby shower photo booth! You see photo booths at every other major life […]

Graduation party theme ideas

8 Graduation Party Themes You'll Love!

Whether you’re graduating from high school or college, allow us to be the first to say “Con-grad-ulations!” This is the start of a whole new chapter, which can only mean one thing: It’s time to PARTY! Just like the life ahead of you, your graduation party is filled with potential. But when you can do […]

Steven and Sierra on their wedding day

Real Weddings: Minimalist Boho Chic at The Balcony Orlando

Two years ago, we were able to celebrate with Steven and Sierra as they tied the knot at The Balcony Orlando. The event was so beautiful that we are still thinking about it! To complement the modern ambience of the venue, Steven and Sierra went with a minimalist Boho vibe in a neutral color palette. A […]

The Best Photo Booths For Your Corporate Event

The Best Photo Booths For Your Corporate Event

Looking for a way to maximize engagement at your next holiday party, trade show, or fundraiser? Photobooth Rocks has you covered! We’ve been in this business a long time and trust us when we say that photo booths are one of the best ways to ensure your employees and guests have the time of their […]

35 photobooth ideas to rock your next event

35 Photo Booth Ideas, Tips, & More!

We get it. Planning a big event—whether it's a wedding, bat mitzvah, corporate party, or birthday party—can be overwhelming. You know you want entertainment, social media-worthy shots of the evening, and great souvenirs for your guests. In short, you want a photo booth! We've scoured our blog for the best photo booth ideas, tips, and […]

wedding guest holding out a photo booth picture

What To Do With Photo Booth Pictures (5 Awesome Ideas)

As our clients know, nothing makes a wedding, sweet 16, bat mitzvah, graduation party, or corporate event more fun than a photo booth! Guests love the retro charm of taking a #selfie the old-fashioned way. But what do you do with those photo booth pictures when you get home? You don't want to throw them […]

girls dancing at a school dance
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15+ Homecoming Themes (& Other School Dance Ideas)

From the Friday night lights of homecoming to the magic of prom, your students are probably already excited about the year's upcoming formal events. When it comes to planning school dances, don't phone it in! Formal dances are one of the best memories of high school and your enrollees are sure to look back on […]