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If you're anything like me, you have fond memories of piling into the photo booth at your local mall with your friends (or your sweetheart) and taking silly pictures to pass the time.

But that was so last century!

Sure, the modern photo booth still takes pictures...but it also does so much more! At Photobooth Rocks, we're thrilled that photo booths are seeing a resurgence and we're always proud to go beyond our clients' expectations. Let's take a look at five awesome tech tricks the modern photo booth can do.


1. Digital Photos

Retro photo booths were all about the physical print.

Don't get us wrong, there's a lot to be said for having a photo strip you can hold in your hand or display on your fridge. But nowadays, people love to have choices. (And digital images you can share on social media are all the rage.)

digital images are available on the website that you'll txt yourself during the evening

When you rent a photo booth from Photobooth Rocks, you will receive backup digital copies of ALL of the images taken in the booth during your event!

So you can put the photo strips in your scrapbook and still have an easy way to post, tweet, and share all the images of your event with those who shared it with you. Depending on which booth you rent, digital images are shared via flash drive, Dropbox account, or designated share site.

Our newest photo booth—the 360—goes one step further, taking a full 360° video in slow-motion. The results are unbelievable!

2. Video Messaging

If a picture paints 1,000 words, then a video is the whole story!

Our Open Air booth not only takes pictures, it's equipped with video messaging capabilities, too! Give best wishes to the bride and groom, sing your school's fight song at the class reunion, or share a blessing for your son's bar mitzvah.

Video messages work great for corporate events, too. Collect footage of your fans' testimonials for use in your social media marketing.


3. Text/Email Digital Photos

Maybe the booth captured the sweetest expression on your daughter's face and you want to share it with all four grandparents. Maybe your work squad can't agree on who gets to keep the print from the office party. Perhaps you just struck the perfect photo booth pose and want to post it directly on Instagram.

digital photo booth - digital image on phone

digital sharing from a photo booth to an iphone


With our Digital photo booth, skip the print-out and have the image sent directly to your phone or email!

Now—since nothing beats an actual picture—go back in the booth and take another one!

4. Boomerang and/or Gifs

mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyybe one day technology will catch up with fiction and we'll all be taking moving pictures like something out of Harry Potter.

Until then, the closest thing we have is gifs. And guess what? Our Digital photo booth and our photo video booth can do that, too! Take a look at this example from our GLAM style experience.

Do a silly dance with your bridesmaids, plant a smooch on your spouse, throw those graduation caps in the air...the options are endless! Now just text or email it to yourself, post on your Facebook page, and watch those "likes" roll in.

5. Emojis and Digital Signature

If you haven't seen our Mirror booth yet, you're missing out!

bride and groom in mirror booth shot

Not only can it print the cutest selfies lightning fast, it features an interactive touch screen with fun prompts, so you'll never run out of poses. Once you're finished, add your favorite emoji or your digital signature. It's unlike any experience you've had in a traditional photo booth and (because it's a mirror!) blends seamlessly into any event décor.

You can also add emojis to our photo video booth depending on your package. 

add emojis to your photo video booth



There are many reasons that photo booths haven't gone out of style, but if you ask us, it's these incredible tech features that have made the modern photo booth so popular for so long.

No matter what kind of formal event you're hosting, your guests would LOVE to see a photo booth! From children to your great-grandma, everyone will want a turn. And with Photobooth Rocks, they can pose, print, and share to their heart's content. Booth visits are unlimited!

Want to find out more? Read some of our FAQs and see why our clients all agree: Photobooth ROCKS!

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