10 Questions To Ask When Choosing a Photo Booth Company

Choosing a photo booth company can be overwhelming. There are so many companies, features, and booths to choose from! How can you possibly narrow them down? Before you decide to just hire the cheapest one, read through this question list. Even more important than price is finding a great company to work with. How a […]

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Real Events: Rena + Shanthan

Seriously...everything about Rena and Shanthan's wedding was so over-the-top amazing! From the bride's dresses (yes, two!) to the decor of the reception hall, this is one wedding you just HAVE to see! Most Indian weddings are a three-day festival of celebration and laughter. Unfortunately, we were only there for the reception, but here's a sneak […]

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I Already Hired a Photographer...Why Do I Need a Photo Booth?

When planning a wedding, it's important to stay organized. Flowers? Got the florist. Cake? Got the baker. Pictures? Got the photographer. Not so fast. A wedding photographer isn't the only person you should hire to take great pictures for your wedding day or other formal event. To create a truly unforgettable experience, you need a photo booth. Here are […]

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6 Wedding Show Tips for Vendors

Maybe it took you some decide or perhaps you knew right away. Either way, you said "YES!" and now you're looking forward to a huge event! Congratulations on attending your first wedding show as a vendor! Wedding expos can be intimidating, but they are also a great way to increase your marketing reach and get […]


Real Events: Take a Look at Ashley + John's Fairy Tale Wedding

There's only one word that can accurately describe Ashley and John's wedding at the Waldorf Astoria: DREAMY. From the stunning venue to the actual horse-drawn carriage, their entire day was like stepping into a fairy tale. Ashley and John have been in love since high school and their wedding really reflected their love story. All of […]

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What is a Classic Photo Booth?

Photo booths aren't going anywhere anytime soon. And with that popularity comes a slew of new takes on the classic photo booth. There are open air photo booths. Digital photo booths. DIY photo booths. Spinning photo booths. Mirror photo booths with fancy touchscreens like something out of Harry Potter. And yet, despite all of the […]

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How to Throw an Oscar Party That ROCKS

This Feb. 24, an estimated 25 million people will be tuning in to the 91st annual Academy Awards. The glitz and glamour of Hollywood, the buzz around this year's best talent, and a chance to get together and talk about all of it...this is the perfect chance for an Oscar party! (Plus, unlike the Super […]

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How to Throw a Customer Appreciation Event That ROCKS

You love your customers. They're what keep the lights on at your store or office and their love of your company keeps you passionate about what you do every day. Show them how much you care by hosting an awesome customer appreciation event! Client appreciation events can increase brand loyalty and cement those relationships you've […]

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4 Super Bowl Party Ideas (Beyond Pizza and Wings)

You don't have to know who's playing or even be a football fan to get excited about the Super Bowl. (Anyone can get pumped about pizza and wings!) More than 100 million people are expected to tune in on February 3 and many of those people will be watching at a Super Bowl party. But […]