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Seriously...everything about Rena and Shanthan's wedding was so over-the-top amazing! From the bride's dresses (yes, two!) to the decor of the reception hall, this is one wedding you just HAVE to see!

Most Indian weddings are a three-day festival of celebration and laughter. Unfortunately, we were only there for the reception, but here's a sneak peek at some of the festivities.

Rena looked amazing in her sari, jewelry, and henna, but we think these sunglasses are the icing on the cake!

Indian bride Rena wearing "bride" sunglasses

Not to be outdone, Shanthan and his entourage look incredible: suave, colorful, the works!

Indian groom Shanthan and his entourage

Indian brides typically wear red, lots of jewelry, and lots of henna on the hands and feet. The mehndi ceremony usually takes place on day two of the wedding weekend, where the bride and her female family and friends have their hands and feet decorated with these intricate henna designs.

Indian bride Rena showing off her henna and jewelry

Traditionally, the Indian groom's arrival (also known as a baraat) is marked by his arrival on a white horse or elephant. Shanthan opted for a Rolls Royce instead.

Indian groom Shanthan arriving in classic car

The ceremony takes place under a canopy called a mandap. During the kanya daan, the bride's parents symbolically give her away and the couple will take seven steps, called the saptapadi, as they vow to support each other. Lastly, the bride is given a necklace to symbolize that she is now a married woman.

Indian bride Rena bedecked with flower garlands

Who says you can't have it both ways? Rena and Shanthan had equally amazing second looks for the wedding reception.

Rena and Shanthan's amazing Indian wedding

Long reception table with tall floral centerpiece

These floral archways are drop. dead. GORGEOUS.

Rena and Shanthan walking through floral archway into wedding reception

Rena and Shanthan dancing with wedding guests

Of course, we wouldn't want to forget why we were there: to let the guests take a spin in our photo booth!

Here are some of our favorite shots from the evening.

indian couple in photo booth wedding guests in photo booth strip photo booth strip with custom logo wedding guests in photo booth with props everyone loves acting silly in the photo booth photo booths bring out everyone's romantic side! wedding guests in photo booth


Photobooth Rocks was honored to be a part of such an incredible day and we wish Rena and Shanthan all the best as they start their lives together!

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