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10 Birthday Party Ideas for All Ages

Let's face it, birthdays are awesome no matter what age you're turning. From the excitement of ripping open presents to the sugary high of eating cake, there's nothing quite like celebrating the day you were born. But let's be real, not all birthday parties are created equal. If you're tired of the same old routine, […]

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10 Trade Show Giveaways (That People Actually Like)

"Swag" might be new when it comes to youth slang, but it's an old idea in the marketing world. Companies love to use swag (also known as trade show giveaways) to drum up interest at conventions, expos, and other marketing events. But does that mean are people excited to get those pens and notepads you […]


Real Events: Amber + Phillip Lavendera

Okay guys, we are still swooning over the stunning cool blue hues of this wedding day, and the beauty of this bride and groom. I mean just look at how happy they are in these gorgeous photos! Amber and Philip got married on 11/11 (i.e. a wish come true) at Club Lake Plantation, where the […]


Real Events: Cara and Matthew's Romantic Lakeside Wedding

On 11/11, Cara and Matthew made the best wish ever! And that wish came true the second they said "I do!" Their big day was full of so much love and excitement. (We are still swooning over these photos by Wings of Glory!) This couple was a blast, the bridal party was all smiles, and […]


15 Fun Wedding Reception Ideas for a Guaranteed Good Time

Planning your dream wedding isn't easy. Not only do you have to coordinate all of the moving parts, you also have to find a way to prevent it from becoming the same, tired wedding you've been to a million times. (After all, isn't that why you have a Pinterest board to keep track of those […]


Real Events: Jesea + Evan's Wedding in Paradise

Jesea and Evan were all about the details! From their perfectly color coordinated floral arrangements to her carefully chosen dress details, this couple was ON THEME! We loved the way they used subtle hints of red paired with bright yellow tones. It made for a very bright and cheery fall wedding! It was all Florida […]


Real Events: NACE Dinner Party

Getting to attend weddings and other fun formal events is just part of what makes our job at Photobooth Rocks so much fun. We also love the network of awesome people we know in the Orlando event industry! (Seriously...these guys are awesome!) And we thought one of the best ways to connect with others in […]

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10+ Family Reunion Ideas (For the Best Photos Ever!)

Family reunions are a fun way to connect with relatives, meet new family members, and make new memories. And what's the best way to capture those memories? Pictures! At Photobooth Rocks, we know that photos are an important feature at every family get-together. So we've put together a list of 11 family reunion ideas for […]


How to Take a Good Selfie [10+ Tips]

Selfies are notoriously difficult to master. (It's why you take 5,000 shots and only post two of them.) Not only are you your own worst critic, it's tough to get the perfect angle and lighting when you're the one controlling everything. But celebrities and photography experts have a few secrets that'll help you get a […]

10 ways to make your charity event more memorable

10 Ways to Make Your Charity Event Memorable

Let me ask you something: Why should people come to your charity event? If the only answer you can come up with is "to give us money," you could probably use a little help with the planning process. Nowadays, it's so easy to donate to a charity; your mobile device and Go Fund Me are basically […]