Whether you're paying for your entire wedding yourselves or getting some help from your family, no couple wants to start out in debt. You might be saving for a house or a dream honeymoon in Bora Bora. Or maybe you're just trying to be smart with your money now that you're about to join your lives together.

That's great!

What's not great is ending up with a wedding neither of you are happy with because you went for the cheapest option. We're here to help with some guidance to your photo booth costs.

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Best Value > Cheapest Price

Unfortunately, the lowest price doesn't always mean "the best deal when it come to the cost of your photo booth." You have to consider everything you're getting out the experience before you can determine whether or not an expense is "money well spent."

Your photo booth rental cost is one of those expenses. As you may already have seen, you'll run into a wide variety of prices in this industry...from $200 all the way up to $2,500.

What's the deal? Why do photo booth prices vary so much and how do you decide which one is right for your event?

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Photo Booth Rental Cost Guide

Average photo booth rental prices lie between $150-$275 per hour, for a basic package. But there's a lot of differences between the professionals and the ones that will have you regretting your choice.

Here’s a helpful guideline for photo booth rental prices below. (The prices listed are based on a 3-hour photo booth rental.)


At this price, you're probably looking at a starter photo booth company, most likely a part-time hobbyist without a business license or liability insurance (which most venues require from their vendors.)

These companies don’t have much experience and may not know the questions to ask to ensure your event is a success. Don't expect them to do anything other than drop off the photo booth and pick it up at the end of your time! This price will not include things like print-outs, scrapbook, USB drive, or digital links to the images.


Companies charging this price range will be more experienced than beginners, but some might not be full-time yet. On the high end of this spectrum, they will probably have general liability insurance and be legally setup as a professional company.

However, it's very likely that you'll still be receiving a basic, traditional photo booth without any "bells and whistles" added to your package.


Within this price range, you'll be getting the most out of your photo booth experience. You should be getting more than just the basic model, perhaps text messaging, video messaging, or fun backdrops.

Companies charging this much should definitely be a full-time professional company with the right levels of insurance required by your venue. You'll be much more satisfied with your experience and you can be assured that your guests will have a great time!


digital images are available on the website that you'll txt yourself during the evening - this can be customized with an upgrade which can be edited in your photo booth costs

Questions to Ask Before Renting a Photo Booth

Of course, not every photo booth rental company is the same. They all offer different packages, different types of photo booths, different add-ons, and a completely different experience than the last one. How can you possibly decide which one is right for your event?

Don't get caught up on money without taking a look at the whole picture. Here are some questions to ask that cover more than just your photo booth rental cost.

1. What does the actual photo booth look like? How many do you have?

Photo booths are large machines that will feature front-and-center at your wedding venue. Make sure they are the right style and size to fit your needs (do you need it to fit into a smaller venue or do you want it large enough to fit 10 people at once?).

The number of photo booths a company has can also affect how smoothly your day goes. If they only have one photo booth, you'll have to cross your fingers that it's not already booked on the day you want it. There also won't be a backup available.

Photo Booth Rocks has plenty of photo booth styles to fit any kind of décor, including our new mirror photo booth, which blends seamlessly into any theme or décor. Our 11 different photo booths give us plenty of flexibility for your wedding, graduation party, baby shower, or any other event!

We have a warehouse of photo booths in Orlando (11 of them to be exact) and a staff of 25. So, we have backup for our backup. Sometimes, we're even the rescue squad for other companies in Orlando when their one photo booth goes down.

2. How often do you purchase photo booths? How are they maintained?

A company that still has the same, old, outdated photo booths that you used as a teenager in the mall is not fully equipped to handle your wedding or black-tie corporate event.

Experienced photo booth rental companies will set up their equipment at dozens of events every week, which means these machines see a lot of action. Don't just ask whether the machines are maintained and replaced, but how. If they can't tell you what they do to maintain their machines, then they aren't doing it at all.

3. When do you deliver and set up the photo booth?

Find out how soon they will drop off the booth and when they will be picking it up after the event. For example, if your ceremony starts at 5 pm and the photo booth opens at 5:30 pm, when will they deliver it? If the company doesn't deliver until right before your ceremony, they might be interrupting your vows as they're setting up.

4. How many employees do you have?

Hiring a "one-man show" with no backup can lead to plenty of problems on the big day. What if s/he gets sick? Has a flat tire? What's their availability like? Will there even be an attendant to assist guests with the photo booth equipment?

A company with plenty of employees will be able to provide backup in case the scheduled attendant is unable to make it to your event. Also, the more employees and photo booths a company has, the more events they have done and the more experience they have.

The way a company is run can tell you a lot about the level of service you will receive on the day of your event. Find out as much as you can about how their process works as well as how they run their business on a daily basis.

5. What organizations are you a part of?

A good company will be recognized by its clients for a job well done. Ask what awards or accolades they have received, or you can simply ask for a referral from a happy client. Websites like The Knot and Wedding Wire have frequently updated lists of trusted wedding vendors in your area.

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Your Photo Booth Experts

Photo Booth Rocks has rocked over 1,ooo events across Orlando and Central Florida, which means we know our stuff. Knowing stuff matters.

For example, we know every back road and shortcut in this town, so we’ll never be late to set up your photo booth rental. We know right where to go when we pull up to an Orlando wedding venue. We know every gate guard by name. We know the catering managers, event planners, photographers, and all of the wonderful people in the Orlando wedding industry who work together to make your event a success. And, guess what? They know us, too — the fun, yet professional Photo Booth Rocks.

There is a reason we are Orlando’s #1 Photo Booth Rental company. Reserve your photo booth today for the event of a lifetime!

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