There are so many ways a photo booth can make your event unique and incredible. And, although our booths already make memories, customizing your photo booth experience could add so many more!

This is a chance for you to make your event one-of-a-kind and create the vibes you want. With a photo booth, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Try some of our suggestions.


Custom Scrapbooks

Did you know that all of our photo booth rentals can come with a scrapbook? Did you know you can also customize your scrapbook? Yes!

You can not only choose the graphic or photos on the front, but you can pick from many materials too! Throwing a baby shower? Try a white scrapbook with the baby's name written beautifully on the front with toy graphics. Celebrating a company anniversary? You could do a black scrapbook with the company's logo and number of years on it. Getting married? Try the wood-style scrapbook with floral designs.

What better way to memorialize your day than with a scrapbook that is designed especially for you?

Custom Props

We always bring an assortment of fun props when we go to events, from hats to crazy glasses. But you could take it up a notch with custom props.

There are plenty of cute props available online to match any theme (or no theme at all). You can even have some custom-made to honor an inside joke you have with your bestie or reflect your unique personalities. Want a good laugh with your guests? Funny face cut-outs of the event hosts are always a hoot! Costume props are also fun (and so easy). Throw some fancy boas, scarves, or Michael Jackson gloves on the table and watch your party (and your pictures) come to life! 


Custom Backdrop

The backdrop of your photo booth is in all your photos, so choosing the right one should be a high priority.

We have plenty of excellent backdrops to choose from, but why not customize your own special backdrop?

You could really have fun with this one. Our Open-Air photo booth is perfect for a custom backdrop! Imagine a Disney-themed event with Mickey or a castle in the background. Or a beautiful floral wall for a feminine touch. Maybe a wall of Polaroids for a nostalgic feel. You could even hang a word banner with names, a cute saying, or even song lyrics like "The way you look tonight".

One of our favorite backdrop ideas is to have your guests write cute notes and tack them on the wall behind the photo booth. This gives you a cute backdrop and a beautiful memory to enjoy later. You could use a print out, or paint your own— this is really yours to create and have fun with!


Picture Frames

We weren't exaggerating when we said there were many ways to customize your photo booth experience...why stop with handing out just the photo strip?

Give your guests more than a print out; add some picture frames that your guests can take home. It gives you a chance to give them a party favor and it gives them a chance to take home a snazzy memory of the event.

But we can't just let them take home bland picture frames! Customize the frame for a unique and memorable touch. It can be as simple as painting your own frames from the craft store, or as extravagant as ordering custom ones online. Either way, this is another way to make sure your guests leave with a more memorable impression of your event.

Psst, there are frames that specifically fit our photo booth picture strips. Ask us for the size, and we’ll hook you up.


Include Your Pets

We all love our pets, they are our family too!

Yet many people overlook their furry (or feathery, or scaly...) friends when it comes to throwing events. Don't be afraid to incorporate your pets into your photo booth experience. Have some cut-outs of their faces, or have dog/cat ears as props. Our animals deserve as much love as us humans!


More Ideas...

Custom vinyl photo booth signs aren't only super cute, you can have them created to resemble any material you'd like, from wood to stone. They can even have cute action words like "Grab a prop & Strike a pose!"

Or if you'd prefer, we can change the graphics on your actual print-outs! If you want a cute border other than the standard white, you can change the color and add a custom graphic at the bottom. Do a baby blue background with "Liam's 1st Birthday!" written on it, or customize it to whatever kind of event you're throwing!



There are even more ways to customize your photo booth that we didn't even get to.

Whether you use any of our ideas or your own, we hope you run with the creativity and really have fun in the planning process of your event!

Let us know if you use any of our suggestions, or what fun ideas you come up with!

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