We recently did a live show where we talked about all things photo booths! In case you missed it, here is a recap!


Photobooth Rocks Live Q & A

What are our team’s favorite booths? We like to say that every booth adds something, it just depends on what kind of event you're having or your venue. With the Digital booth, you get a quick text message with instant gratification! With the Mirror booth, it  adds that “wow factor,” especially to ballrooms! Our Classic booths give a nostalgic photo strip and they also record video messages!

Because there is so much that our photo booths offer, we were asked to elaborate on what each of our styles offer!

Classic Booth Styles

There is the Enclosed version (traditional), where you can open the curtain, sit down, close the curtain, and start taking pictures. It's what you would normally think of when you think of a photo booth. At the end of your photo session, our attendants will ask you to leave a video message. By the time you’re done recording your video, the photos have been printed!

Both the Enclosed Classic and Open Classic booths do the same thing, so we get asked, “Which one should I choose?” Well, it depends on you and what you want. Do you want a closed more intimate feeling, or do you want a more open one to squeeze in all seven of your bridesmaids?

  • Enclosed Classic Booth: Can fit two people with butts in chairs, 3-4 comfortably at the most.
  • Open Air: Can fit 6-8 depending on how tall or short you are, how close you are to the camera, etc.


We offer gold, rose gold, silver, solid black, or white. On our Open Air booth, the wings can be taken off so it's just a standalone booth. You can pair it with your own backdrop or one of ours!

We get told, "I'm afraid it's not going to fit in my ballroom!” Well, we can play with that a little bit. For instance, the enclosed booth takes up less space. The ideal space would be an 8x8 space. That way you have room for the photo booth itself, room for people to congregate around it, room for your prop table, and scrapbook table. We could do a 6-ft. table, 4-ft., or if you want, something that always works for a good flow is two cocktail tables.


Mirror Booth

We love this one because it’s designed to be super interactive. It has interactive graphics, encouraging you to strike a pose. The camera has an LED ring, and takes about three pictures and prints out a 4x6. One cool thing is that you can actually sign your picture with your handwriting from the screen. You can also add emojis as well. It's more than a photo-taking novelty, it's more about being interactive and entertaining.


Photos turn out better when there's a backdrop because it helps you control the light. We have a lot of backdrop options on the Photobooth Rocks website. Or you can bring your own (just make sure that it's set up before we bring the booth so that we have enough time to test the photos!). How big should your backdrop be? 8x8!


Digital Booth

The newest booth! It's a completely different experience. It has a touch screen and can text, send boomerangs, or do the physical printout. There is also a digital prop option! So if you're not a physical prop person, you can still have the option of digital props!

The cool part about all our booths is that you can customize the graphics on all the prints. Pro tip: Use Canva to customize your own graphic! Or you can pick from one of our templates. All our booths do that, even the digital one!

A cool example is one from our Christmas party, where we put "Tis the season, Our team ROCKS 2019"! Another example is when we collaborated with the Wedding Pro and put both our logos on it and they even made a custom 3D backdrop!


Which photo booth is the best?

There is no right answer. Each of our booths has something amazing for any event. All photo novelties are different. And finding one that is right for you really depends on the circumstance, venue, type of party, etc.


 What's the best for a wedding? 

Even that is hard. The Classic booths offer the video message feature that really brings something special for you to enjoy later. But the Digital and Mirror booths are so aesthetically exciting and unique that those might be a good fit for your wedding, too.

What does a typical package include?

  • Printouts (Please note our Mirror Booth only does 4x6 printouts)
  • Full array of Props
  • Photo booth Attendant
  • Scrapbook (Classic Styles)
  • Digital copies of photos

Our website also has the breakdown of packages: 


Viewer Questions:

 Could a photo booth be set up in an upstairs venue?

It depends on the venue. About 90% of our Orlando venues have an elevator that allows us to go upstairs. If your venue does not have an elevator, then your booth options will be narrowed down to one option. Fortunately for you, it's the Digital Booth! That is the only booth we are able to carry up the steps. A perk of our delivery guys is that they have been to almost EVERY venue in greater Orlando, so they can give you accurate information as far as load in and out of your photo booth rental.


If I want a custom backdrop but don't want to make one on my own, do you offer custom backdrops?

Send us a picture of what you're looking for. Maybe we can work something out!

How far out from the event should someone book a photo booth?

On average we recommend booking 4-8 months out. But this doesn't mean you have to wait. We are taking bookings as far out as 2022 right now!


How many photo booths do you have? And how many can we deliver in one day?

We have 12 total, and we've delivered 11 in one day. But we only have one mirror booth and one digital booth, so if you’re thinking either of those would be a good option, make sure to book soon!

What customization options do the clients have?

You can customize the graphic at the bottom of the photo strip, names and dates on the welcome screen in the Classic booths, and your scrapbook style. For the Digital booth, we can customize pretty much everything! We try to make sure we have packages that fit all of those.

To leave you with some advice...any of our booths can be adapted to whatever your theme is, whether that's rustic, classic, elegant, etc. Don't be afraid to think outside the box!

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