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So you’ve got your heart set on a photo booth for your wedding or upcoming event. Awesome! In our opinion, you just can’t go wrong with a photo booth!

The only problem now is choosing which type you want.

If you’re new to the photo booth rental world, you might be surprised to see that there are different types of photo booths that have different looks, sizes, and functionality.

One of the most popular ones nowadays is the open air photo booth.


Closed Photo Booths

rockabilly bride and groom with wood photo booth

This is what most people think of when they think of photo booths. The traditional photo booth has been around forever, so it’s something that just about everyone is familiar with.

But let’s go over the details anyway.

Classic Appeal

This is the OG photo booth. It’s been around for years and has a traditional, retro appeal that’s hard to resist.

There’s just something about climbing into a photo booth and closing the curtain behind you that brings back high school memories of hanging out at the mall with your friends.

More Compact

While the open air photo booths themselves are much smaller, the full selfie station could actually be smaller with a closed photo booth.

Everything—background, camera, curtains, lighting, posing space—is contained to a 4′ x 2.5′ space, making this more space-saving if you don’t have a lot of wiggle room in your venue.

More Private

For some people, being out in the open is not a benefit.

Closed photo booths can encourage shyer guests to take those silly pictures everyone loves. And having a more private photo booth adds a “VIP” element to it (which can be enhanced with one of our velvet ropes).

Better Lighting

Because everything is so up close and personal, the lighting will be a bit better with the closed photo booth. If your event space is dark and you don’t have another light source, traditional booths might be the way to go.

Additional Accessories

Props and an attendant come with every photo booth rental but we have certain add-ons that are only available with the enclosed photo booth.

Our neon “photo booth” sign and LED rooftop lighting are undeniably great at luring guests in to take their photos, but they aren’t available on our open air booths.


What Is An Open Air Photo Booth?

open air photo booth

You’re familiar with the traditional photo booth, but what is an open air photo booth?

In simplest terms, an open air photo booth is one that leaves you out in the open air with no enclosures. The “booth” itself isn’t a booth in the usual sense of the word. Rather, it’s a slimmer, narrower version that takes photos from a distance.

Compare this with the classic photo booth, where you climb inside and close a curtain behind you.

As we mentioned before, each photo booth type works differently and they are each great for different occasions and venues. Before you decide on a photo booth type, it’s helpful to know a bit more about each of them.


Benefits of an Open Air Photo Booth

Photobooth with silver backdrop

Because they look so different from the traditional booth, you might think that open air booths wouldn’t be able to offer as many features.

Think again!

There are plenty of reasons why an open air photo booth might better suit your formal event or trade show than the traditional enclosed booth.

Smaller Footprint

Due to their smaller footprint (just 1.5′ x 3′ at the base), open air photo booths can get into places that traditional booths can’t.

Getting married at a historic home with tiny doorways? No problem. Gotta fit around an awkwardly tight corner? Open air booths can handle that. Don’t want to clutter up your reception hall with a giant booth? We get it; that’s not everyone’s thing. But that’s where our open air booths can help.

More Room

Unlike traditional booths, open air photo booths aren’t connected to anything, which means you can set it up as far away from your chosen background as you want. That way, you can capture everyone’s full outfits (not to mention those hilarious photo booth props).

Open air booths can also accommodate the most people (6-8 adults comfortably), so no one has to miss out on that group shot. Although, if you’re feeling adventurous, you could always try to fit more of you into the shot!

Another great benefit to the open air booth? It’s handicap accessible. We want everyone to be able to experience the joy and fun of a photo booth!


women posing for photo in front of beautiful vine wall
You can customize our vine wall with your own unique style.

Whereas an enclosed booth has a built-in background, open air photo booths allow you to choose any backdrop you want!

Maybe your venue has a gorgeous brick wall you’d like to feature. Maybe your bridesmaids are covering a wall in paper parasols. Maybe your venue is just, like, super cool and you want to feature it. (Orlando Science Center, maybe?)

With an open air photo booth, you have way more options.

And if you don’t have a backdrop available, use one of ours!

Our vine wall (pictured above) is not only gorgeous, it’s also a blank canvas for you to add your own accessories.

If you prefer a bit more bling, our glitter backgrounds are available in silver, gold, or rose gold (we also have basic black or white, if that’s more your thing) or we can print one with your custom logo on it.

Looking for more ways to theme or brand your photo booth? We’ll wrap the outside in whatever you want!

More Comfortable

wide shot of ladies in front of vine wall

We’ll prove it in two words: open air.

More fresh air and breeze coming through the booth makes this a great choice for warmer weather (when is it not warm in Florida??), outdoor events, and any event involving lots of dancing.

If you get claustrophobic, the open air photo booth is for you.

More Open

Because everyone is taking their pictures in “open air,” all the other guests can easily see how much fun they’re having. (People hate to miss out on a good time.)

If you want to make sure no one misses the photo booth, an open air one is the way to go. Plus, open air photo booths give more opportunity for photo bombing.

If this is a drawback for you, there’s always the option of adding curtains. Arms extend about five feet away from the booth, with curtains and background creating a little shelter.


All of Our Photo Booths

You may have to choose between an enclosed photo booth and an open air photo booth, but you don’t have to compromise on quality. All of our photo booth rentals include:

  • Instant printouts – Your photo strips print out in just seven seconds!
  • Access to digital photos – We love having a physical photo to hold, but you still have the option of a digital photo to post to your social media feed.
  • Video messaging – Leave a heartwarming message for the newlyweds, graduating senior, or b’nei mitzvah to view after the event.
  • Props included – No matter the event or theme, we’ve got you covered. At no extra cost.
  • Attendant included – You gotta have someone there to keep the prop table clean and troubleshoot any issues. Again, attendants are always included with your rental.
  • Personalized photo strips – Add a logo to your photo strips so your guests always know who to thank for the awesome time!
  • Unlimited visits for each guest – We never charge your guests to visit the photo booth and we will never limit their visits.
  • USB flash drive with all photos – After the event, the host will receive a USB flash drive with all of the photos taken throughout the event.



Our photo booths are like our babies; we just can’t pick a favorite!

Each one of them is great in many ways. But which one you choose is all a matter of preference.

If you love the idea of fitting your entire wedding party in one shot in front of an awesome custom backdrop, you’ll love the open air photo booth. If you prefer the classic, VIP feel, you and your guests will have an awesome time reliving high school memories in the enclosed photo booth.

And if you love the idea of the open air photo booth but want a little more “wow” factor, check out our mirror booth.

Whatever photo booth type you choose, we know that you and your guests will have a blast with a photo booth rental from Photobooth Rocks. Contact us today to reserve your favorite booth (before someone else does).

Still can’t decide? Check out some of our other side-by-side comparisons:

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