We get asked all the time: “How can I recreate my favorite celeb’s photo booth photos?” Well, our answer is that you absolutely CAN and we help you figure out what that looks like!

Our favorite stars and their weddings or events are the perfect source for photo booth inspiration. Whether it's the famous Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber wedding, the Kardashians, or the classic James Corden photo booth, we want to help you live your celebrity dreams and your best photo booth life.


Recreating Celebrity Photo Booth Looks

There’s something magical about these celebrity photo booth pictures. But when you take the celebrity out of  “celebrity photo booth,” you're left with a photo booth...and we KNOW photo booths. There really isn't too much of a difference between what our photo booths can do and the photo booths that your fave stars are using. 

glam style photo booth - karshadian celebrity style photo booth orlando


There are plenty of ways to make sure that your photos come out as glamorous as the Kardashians'. One big thing that a lot of the celebrity photo booths have in common is that they are mostly black-and-white. Guess what? Our photo booths have a black-and-white option for photos!

Our Glam Photo Booth takes gorgeous black-and-white images so you can re-create your favorite celebrity photo!

Another way that you can pull off that famous feeling is by customizing your graphics. Almost all of the stars have their names or logos on their photo strips. This not only provides a special meaning for you and your guests, but it also provides that professional and high-end feel to your photos.

Let’s not forget the most influential thing in recreating your favorite celebrities' photo booth photos: the poses! The filters and add-ons are special, but body language is the most powerful ingredient when taking any photos. What makes a celebrity look like a celebrity? Confidence and knowing your best angles!

glam photo booth sample

glam photo booth 4x6 print out


Make sure to use our glamorous props, hold your head high, and show off your good looks! Celebrity posing doesn’t come natural to you? Don’t worry, our photo booth attendants can help you with your poses! We love being professional hype-men! 

There are so many ways that you can recreate your favorite stars’ photo booth pictures. Don’t forget, getting that celebrity perfect pic isn’t as far off as you think! Get creative and take risks! Your photo booth experience is yours to make! You never know, your photos could be so good that they end up in the headlines! 

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