Working in the wedding industry has been a privilege for us! We absolutely LOVE all of the vendors and amazing companies that work alongside us to create memories! In this series, we are highlighting some of our favorite vendors! 

Meet Danielle Cribb, the owner of Sugar Sugar Custom Cake Boutique! She’s got 8+ years of experience, and bakes cakes that are so fabulous and sweet! 

We asked her some questions to dive into who she is and to get some valuable information for future couples!


How did you become a baker?

I always loved to bake growing up but never thought that is what I would end up doing for a career. I was going through college and then it clicked! I decided to get my degree in baking and pastry and did my internship with a really well-known company. From that point on, the rest was history!


What is your favorite part of your job? Why do you do this?

My favorite part of the job is seeing the finished product. From sketch paper to set up at the venue. Seeing what the couple is going to see is my absolute favorite part!


What is the best way for brides to give you inspo for their cake/dessert design? Do Pinterest boards help?

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. It is good for ideas, yes... but it can take you down a rabbit hole and then the second-guessing starts to happen.


Do you have an absolute favorite element that you love to work with/incorporate into your design/ baking?

I love working with buttercream. We specialize in that. I love when my couples are shocked that my cakes are buttercream because they look so much like fondant.


How far out do couples normally book your services for their wedding? 

I like for them to book out about 4-6 months. This gives them time to figure out other aspects of the wedding first.


What’s the most important question couples should be asking their bakery that sometimes they forget to ask?

If they have liability insurance and if they are legitimately a real business.


What other tips can you offer couples when choosing their bakery?

Pick a bakery and vendors in general that you vibe with and you like their product.


You can check out her website here: 

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