Working in the wedding industry has been a privilege for us! We absolutely LOVE all of the vendors and amazing companies that work alongside us to create memories. In this series, we are highlighting some of our favorite vendors.

Meet Sierra, the owner of Orlando-based Sierra Ford Photography! We asked her some questions to dive into who she is and to get some valuable information for future couples.

Sierra Ford Photography team

How did you get started in the wedding industry?

A friend asked me (Sierra) to second shoot their wedding. At first, I said "Heck no!" (It sounded so intimidating!) But they talked me into it. I fell in love with the LOVE and here we are, 10 years, a few team members, and hundreds of weddings later!

Do you have an absolute favorite moment at weddings?

We adore the moment right after the ceremony when the bride and groom embrace their bridal party and closest family for celebratory hugs! It's a moment not everyone gets to see and it's always filled with pure joy.

How far out do couples normally book your services for their wedding?

The busiest months (spring and fall) book up 12-16 months out.

What would be your biggest tip for couples planning their wedding right now?

Write down your three non-negotiable priorities for your wedding. If you find that you're stressing over a decision, ask yourself if it falls into one of those three categories. If it doesn't, let it slide!

Also, there are no "rules" that say what a wedding should be. Make it your own! Don't like cake? Make a banana pudding tower! Not into white? Wear a rainbow dress!

What tips can you offer couples when choosing their photographer?

Take a deep dive into their work, check out their blog and maybe ask to see a few full galleries so you can see how they handle things like flash, family photos, etc. Meet them in person to make sure your personalities jive well (since you'll be spending so much time with them on your wedding day). Ask important questions like how they keep your files safe and how many weddings they have photographed.

What song that the DJ plays at a wedding always makes you run to the dance floor?

Basically any throwback hit from the 2000's will get us dancing.

What else would you love for your couples to know about your services?

Our main goal in wedding photography is to capture the joy and emotion that happen when you marry the love of your life. We focus on the people. Wedding photography trends come and go, but to us, vibrant happiness is timeless.

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