Working in the wedding industry has been a privilege for us! We absolutely LOVE all of the vendors and amazing companies that work alongside us to create memories.

In this series, we are highlighting some of our favorite vendors! 

Meet Bonny, the owner of PS I Love You Productions! She’s got 15+ years of experience and if there is anyone in the Orlando industry who knows how to curate an event, it’s Bonny!

We asked her some questions to dive into who she is and to get some valuable information for future couples!


How did you get started in the wedding industry?

I started in the wedding industry almost 15 years ago. My projects had completed with Disney Event Group (and I would be laid off or sent back to performing), so I needed a new challenge.

I was hired by the Disney Military Hotel (Shades of Green) to build their wedding program and worked there 3-4 years, almost tripling their sales potential.


Do you have an absolute favorite moment that you love at weddings?

Room reveals are probably my favorite part. Just a moment for the couple to see their room as they designed it and have a few moments to let the ceremony sink in with… “Goodness…we’re married!” (Before guests mess it up!)

Also some of my favorite portraits come out of these moments for couples…

How far out do couples normally book your services for their wedding?

Usually about 3-6 months prior to the Big Day.


What would be your biggest tip for couples planning their wedding right now?

The earlier you hire us, the more you will benefit. We will not micro-manage you or your planning, but rather be the best friend you never thought you needed. And our value can be seen even longer with decision making and cost effectiveness.


What tips can you offer couples when choosing their photographer?

First, decide which type of photography style you like, whether that's Traditional, Contemporary, or Modern.

From there, start interviewing photographers and select someone who feels like part of your family, will take full advantage of moments and capture them.

Also, ALWAYS make sure they are licensed and insured! Good equipment is pricey and you don’t want to have any mishaps on the day of that you or guests may be responsible for (and vise versa).


What song that the DJ plays at a wedding always makes you run to the dance floor?

I have two!

  1. Because I’m a dork and this song will never allow me to not dance to it: "Stand Out" from The Goofy Movie
  2. Shut Up &'s my favorite song to cut cake to!


Is there anything that I didn't ask you today that you would love for your couples to know about your services?

There are many types of Coordination & Planning Services. And our focus is not only for a “stress-free experience” but also to have FUN! We want the day to be yours!

We don’t just stop at coordination & planning... We have loads of entertainment offerings and a VERY specialized "Ceremony only" option. If you ever had a fascination with no-fuss, all-inclusive, Vegas-style weddings, you're going to LOVE our Orlando Drive Thru Weddings! They're completely COVID-free, and our very own "Orlando Flavored" Drive Thru Experience.

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