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People pose in a photo booth with a neon string lights background.

The main goal for any party is to make it a memorable experience. Delicious food, killer entertainment, and a great guest list are vital to having a great event. But there’s one more thing every party needs to make it a memorable one. 

Great photos. 

Everyone can take selfies these days, but that’s not enough to make your party stand out. Photo booths are a fun way to entertain your guests and give them long-lasting memories, but they’re not the only option. 

Take your party photo experience to a whole new dimension with a neon light background. You can use a neon background as a standalone backdrop for awesome photos your guests will love or as part of your 360 and tunnel photo booths. 

Read on to see why you need a neon light background to ensure a spectacular event. 


Use a Neon Light Background In Your 360 Photo Booth or Vogue Photo Booth

Women poses in the Light Tunnel Photo Booth

Photo booths have come a long way in recent years. Gone are the days of cramming into a small booth and standing or crouching to ensure everyone gets in the frame. And if you’re looking for something more fun and high tech than standard 2x6 printouts, it’s time to upgrade your photo booth game.

Enter 360 photo booths, Vogue photo booths, and more. 

One fantastic way to make whatever photo booth you choose stand out and attract your guests is with futuristic neon lights. The juxtaposition of black and neon immediately turns the glamour up a notch and will make every photo and video pop. 

You don’t have to look any further than our Vogue Photo Booth for evidence of this. This light tunnel booth is the perfect option for any ultra-chic gala or corporate party, as strips of LED neon lights flash and change colors while guests strut their stuff and strike a pose. Light up your event with stunning and shareable photos and videos.  

Our 360 photo booth also features neon lights to make you stand out while the camera moves around you, and plus, you can get a custom neon sign to make any backdrop or background stand out. 


Use a Neon Light Backdrop At Your Party

Photo booths aren’t the only way to get your guests to take tons of pictures at your party. A great, custom backdrop also entices people to take multiple photos so they’ll remember the occasion. 

And just like in one of our new age photo booths, the lights in the background instantly raise the elegance level of any party and attract the attention of the guests. 

A solid black backdrop with bright neon lights around the edges will only enhance the subjects meaning your guests will get photos they’ll love sharing over and over. Neon lights also work great for text signs on any backdrop. 

Whether it’s classic wedding phrases like “Better Together” or your company name for a trade show or event, neon makes things pop.


Unique Neon Light Background Ideas For Your Next Party

Neon word sign saying ‘good vibes only’

Still not sure your party needs more neon? Here are some ideas for how to use neon lights to take your event up a notch. 

Neon Word Signs

If you’ve got a corporate event coming up, use a neon sign to highlight your employee motto or latest significant achievement. If it’s your annual holiday party, use a neon sign to remind everyone what a great year it was. 

If it’s your wedding, a neon word sign is a great place to remind everyone what your wedding hashtag is, and a neon sign hanging on a wall of flowers or greenery is a romantic setting that fits any wedding.

Custom Neon Illustrations

Why stop with word signs when you can have your logo in neon or wings so your guests can appear to be flying? Let your imagination run wild by adding a bright neon sign in the background of your photo booth. 

Choose the color and illustration that fits your party best.

Full Neon Light Backdrop

Strips of LED neon lights on a black background are instantly stunning for an open air photo backdrop. The perfect photo spot for any cocktail or black tie affair. Let your guests let loose in their formal wear. 

Choose the colors that match the rest of the decor at your event, or go with classic white for the ultimate in elegance. 

Get Even More Neon With Neon Props

You can’t have too much neon. Neon accessories are perfect for major celebrations because everyone associates the colors with partying. 

Use neon mustaches, hats, balloons, and other photo booth props for wildly fun photos. 


Get the Best Photo Booth Experience With Photo Booth Rocks

Photo booths are one of the best entertainment options at any event, and these days, there’s no limit to what you can do with them. 

At Photo Booth Rocks, we’ve got all your photo booth desires covered—from classic booths to the latest technology—and each of our booth rentals comes with a professional setup and a photo booth concierge for your entire event. 

If you want to take your party from fun to spectacular, request a quote today.