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Yay, you're engaged! ...Now what?

engageds? now what?



Hey, you only get these sort of bragging rights are once in a lifetime, so why not spread the news of your engagement in a fun way?  Download one of our “I said yes!” images (in multiple colors!) and post to your Instagram or text to all your friends!



Spread the Good News!

Feeling ready for your first DIY wedding project?  How about celebrating your engagement by making one of these cute announcement mugs? Here’s a great DIY tutorial we found on PopSugar.



Your Turn to Pop the Question...

It's never too early to formally ask your best friends and family to be in your wedding party. Download your free printable "I mustache you a question..." cards for a clever and easy way to "pop the question."


Prepare for Marriage

Before you plan your wedding, plan for marriage! We know how fun wedding planning can be, and it should be! It's also a lot of work. But it doesn't come close to how much work a strong marriage takes. We've compiled a list of our favorite books on love and marriage to read during your engagement. Check it out here -- and get to work!


Plan Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is SO much fun! Now that you have your knight in shining armor, take a look at our ultimate wedding planning checklist to get started.

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