PBA- Shadow,Casie Marie Photography

What is your role at Photobooth Rocks?

Photobooth Logistics Manager 

When people ask “What do you do?” how do you answer?

I work for a photo booth company that has an all-female DJ team, and they are pretty awesome. Then I usually start telling them about the booth styles.

Where is your favorite place in the world?

Anywhere my family is.

What’s your favorite family tradition?

The Holidays. My family all gets together and just hangs out, enjoying each other.  

Who would you most like to swap places with for a day?

Lebron James!

What did you do before you did this?

I worked at a youth detention center. 

When and how did you get into the wedding industry?

My fiancee, Aleyah, and my friend both begged me to join the team. 

What is your favorite photo booth prop? 

The Mirror Booth has some pretty cool digital props that I like.

What advice do you give most as a Photo Booth Attendant? 

Just smile and remember everyone is there to have a good time.

PBA- Shadow,Casie Marie PhotographyPBA- Shadow, Gian Carlo Photography

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