What is your role at Photobooth Rocks? 

I do a little bit of everything: from being a photobooth attendant to assisting at bridal shows, training new team members, and acting as a roadie for our DJs...I love it all! Being a part of a client's day that they have taken so long to plan is such a great feeling!

Who inspires you?

My parents do! They are amazing role models of what marriage should be like. They have been married for 42 years, and are incredible parents and grandparents.

What was the best concert you ever went to?

This is TOUGH! It has to be between James Taylor and Garth Brooks.

My Dad took me to James Taylor when I was in college and we sat in the front row. Just an amazing experience to watch him play so many instruments. He was just jamming!

But Garth…he is a SHOW!!!! A true experience!

When people ask “what do you do?” how do you answer?

Oh man! My job is to get all your guests jamming out in the photo booth! I make sure they are filling out your scrapbook, and are having just as much fun as I am.

Where is your favorite place in the world?

It's so hard to pick, so I have a top two:

  • Chicago - My whole wedding was Chicago-themed. We named each table after a famous landmark (The Bean, Sears Tower, Wrigley Field, etc.), we had Cubs jerseys on the back of our chairs, we even used the Hedge Wall with our photo booth to look like Wrigley field! Our guest takeaways were Big League Chew and Cracker Jacks.
  • Yosemite National Park - It was one of the places we went on our honeymoon. It has the most breathtaking views we have ever seen. We had no cell service, which was nice on a honeymoon.

What are you passionate about?

Creating something out of nothing. That's why I love events; I love watching a vision unfold and making someone's dream happen.

What’s your favorite family tradition?

My husband and I take Cyber Monday off every year and we sit at a restaurant, enjoy a cocktail, and get most of our holiday shopping done!

Who would you most like to swap places with for a day?

Could I be a fish for the day? I just want to swim fast and breathe underwater. I guess Michael Phelps is the next best thing!

What did you do before you did this?

I was a stay-at-home momma for a little bit! 

When and how did you get into the wedding industry?

I went to school at the University of Central Florida - Rosen College Hospitality and received a degree in Event Management. I landed a job with Loews Hotels and started working at the front desk, which was great because I have always loved guest service. I also did an internship while I was at Loews, working in Conference Services.

What is your favorite Photo Booth prop? 

I love the oversized glasses, but I also love our themed Holiday Props (Christmas, Hanukkah, Halloween, etc.). They are insanely good! 

Tell us about your most memorable event so far.

It was the very first event I ever worked with Photobooth Rocks. They had stilt walkers, fire breathers, and then moved into a glowstick dance party at the end of the night! The music was afrobeats. I was like: this is the best jobbbbb EVERRRR!

What advice do you give most as a Photo Booth Attendant? 

At an event, I always tell the guests to try the black & white filter on our Classic Booths. It's like when Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin shot their whole wedding in black and white. It looks so good!

At a bridal show, I tell couples to find a company that you feel like is an extension of your family. That's why I booked Photobooth Rocks for my own wedding!

What is your favorite part of an event? 

There are two that stand out to me. When the couple has the first look at the reception room. For me, it's the months of planning and having their vision come to life - seeing their excitement is just pure joy. You have alone time with your spouse for just a second before the chaos.

The second one is the father/daughter dance. I cry every time thinking back to my wedding!

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