Personalize your next event. Really makes this years event different from the last. Personalize it with your Photo booth Rental, just like the Orlando Magic did for this years FanFest playoffs! Here's some ideas to make your photo booth rental unique:

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1. Brand your Photo Booth

We can completely wrap the booth in your company, team or event branding, or we can customize it with your logo.   

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2. Themed or Colored Props

Are your event colors blue/black/white? Are they pink/silver? Are they orange/blue? Personalize your photo booth props to match only have those specific colors!

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3. Signage & Branding

Let's put that logo on signage next to the booth promoting your company. This is a great idea for companies wanting to draw traffic into their tradeshow booth and drive home their branding message.

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4. Backdrops & Photostrips

Let's hang a snazzy colored ribbon backdrop to dress up those photo strips. And why not add your logo and colors to customize the take home as well.

Check out our Orlando Photo Booth Rental company to find out more about personalizing and renting your next Photo Booth!


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