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Tips + Ideas Weddings

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We know how incredible it is to start planning your big celebration of love. We also know a thing or two about organizing a wedding and how challenging it might be, especially when you need to make big decisions like your wedding theme. After all, the smallest decisions have a significant impact on your entire event.

And as you start to look into wedding themes, things could get even harder because they tend to be pretty much the same. Traditional, rustic, and romantic weddings are great, but if you want a truly unique wedding theme, you have to be willing to think outside the box a little.

If you are looking to create an incomparable experience for your guests, take a look at our selection of unique wedding themes.


1. Getaway Wedding

Do you fly as a hobby? Maybe you simply love to travel. Why not host your wedding reception in an airplane hangar?

Imagine all the tables, the dance floor, the beautiful bar, and the planes as your backdrop. You could even have the ceremony outdoors with blue skies and small aircraft perfectly lined to provide endless material for pictures. The beauty of having a wedding at a hangar is that they are usually large constructions with high ceilings and plenty of natural light from the large doors.

Plus, you can host a plane-themed wedding and choose an industrial theme to match the existing architecture. You can incorporate the theme into your invitations and stationery and even add a cute Glam Photo Booth with black and white photos for your guests to keep.


wedding ceremony outside the observatory at the Alfond Inn

2. Night at the Museum

Many museums around the country are opening their doors to social events like weddings, allowing guests to enjoy art and have it as part of their celebration. And the best part is you can choose the exhibition you prefer.

If you're a fan of paintings, surround your ceremony and reception with classic works of art? Or go a step further and create specialty drinks, naming them after some famous artists. Then, tie everything together with a beautiful Mirror Photo Booth.

Or how about a prehistoric wedding filled with ancient creatures and a moody light? The possibilities are endless! And if you can't find a museum willing to host your wedding, then you can choose a historic building or hotel where you can still have that feeling of being surrounded by history. Add in a couple of details to complete the full picture, like antiques and vintage elements!

3. Disco Inferno

Hear us out before you start to think we’ve lost our minds with the idea of a disco-themed wedding! We’re not talking about having guests show up in bell bottoms and platform shoes and the men all have their shirts unbuttoned halfway down their chest. Trust us, a well-applied disco theme can be a success.

A disco party is one where everyone is having fun out on the dance floor, right? And chances are, you’re hoping to have a full dance floor throughout your wedding reception!

Start by hanging some classic disco balls (if the venue will let you). Then add in a monochromatic color scheme. Imagine an all-black or white wedding with those lit-up disco balls hanging in the middle of your wedding venue on top of your dance floor, in different sizes and heights.

Then, take your wedding theme to the next level with a Vogue Photo Booth. It will be the perfect entertainment element for your disco wedding.


bride and groom hearing toast in garden setting

4. Botanical Night

Are you a plant lover? Someone who loves to visit botanical gardens and greenhouses during their free time? Well, why not turn your passion into a unique wedding theme? Host your wedding at an actual botanical garden where you can live the experience of saying I do surround by all types of foliage.

If a botanical garden or greenhouse isn't an option, it is time to look into wedding venues with carefully trimmed gardens and great outdoor areas. Here you can add decorative elements like plants as centerpieces, a beautiful design for your invitations, including some of your favorite plants, and much more. Or ask about our Green Screen Photo Booth, which can add in a beautiful backdrop to make it look like you and your guests are in the garden of your dreams!

bride and groom with wedding party in glam wedding

5. Red Carpet

Finally, we have an option for couples who love glamour and luxury. A red carpet-themed wedding with all the stunning details you would expect from an event like this.

First, you must find a wedding venue with plenty of dramatic spaces like a gorgeous staircase, shiny chandeliers, oversized doors, and a movie-like façade. Add a red carpet at the entrance and welcome your guests with a glass of bubbly champagne. Then on to the wow factor: a 360 Photo Booth that will make you and your guests feel like the celebrities that you are.

After your guests have their time in the spotlight, it is time to find their seats at a beautifully decorated reception. With plenty of rich colors and metallic hints to bring a regal feel to the room, a beautiful dance floor, and a night filled with glamour.


What’s Your Favorite Unique Wedding Theme?

Now you can see how weddings can become special events without having to follow traditional wedding themes.

Remember, there are no written rules around weddings; you must follow your heart and the traditions you treasure. So, pick one of our unique wedding themes or use this list as inspiration to come up with your own unique theme. Just don't forget to include our photo booths to complement your truly one-of-a-kind wedding.